Is MT4 The Best Platform to use?

Hello all,

I’m having difficulty trying to find an appropriate platform, currently i’m using the CMC markets online platform.

I’m not sure if its the best as it signs me out every now and then and I have to keep logging back in, which isn’t practical.

What in your opinion are the best platforms to use?

And also I need to find a very reputable broker to go along with the platform.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

Are there more platforms than MT4?

It signs me out to at times, but it logs me in too. That happens, but it didn’t interfer me. There are sufficient reputable brokers, but where are you from?

TradingStation is also a nice one that I am familiar with, with regards retail systems.

You can use MT5, but the resource base is not as big as the MT4 one at the moment. And MT4 is not scheduled to be discontinued.

I gave up on CMC Markets a year ago. I liked them a lot, but their trading platform was just too much when trying to execute trades in a fast moving market. The beauty of MT4 is the simplicity, plus you can change brokers and not worry about learning another platform. Too bad CMC Markets never wised up.

Thanks for your replies.

Hows trading going for each of you?

How long have you been doing it etc? any advice?

MT4, for the simple reason it is convenient…and if the broker offers mobile apps and access, even better.

Both trading station and MT4 platforms are user friendly. Normally I use Mt4 for more than 02 years. So I am very good at it.

try Protrader, I think there is nothing better on the market today. Discover the world of Protrader | PFSOFT
But you need to ask your broker to use it:cool:

Been using MT4 for over a year now. Haven’t had any major issues, although it isn’t the most user-friendly.

Are there any really good platforms which are made for Mac?

Trade station II may be good for MAC. Try that one

There are not a lot of major differences between MT4 and TradeStation, functionally speaking. MT4 is more visually appealing and if you are one that likes to use or experiment with indicators then MT4 is definitely the platform to use. All in all it is a much more versatile platform than TS.

TS is great if you like to keep things simple. Basic indicators are available but unique/custom indicators are much more limited compared to MT4 (generally, only available from Codebase because TS uses lua for programming). Trading from the screen is a bit easier with TS. Moving stops and limits with the mouse is as simple as it gets. The learning curve is very small. Anything more complicated then TS starts to get a bit clunky.

I’ve used both and there just isn’t a great deal of difference between the two unless you like to use indicators. I don’t so I slightly favor TS. But if you like to monkey around with the latest, greatest indicators out there then MT4 wins, hands down.

MT4 is also as far as I am concerned one of the most widely used platforms, and of course one of the best if not the best fx platform

Hi all
I had problem with mt4 wich it was a difference between margin level on my MT4 (iPhone app) and mt4 on my laptop, for 10 minutes every data were same except of balance, equity and also margin level.
Can anyone help me to understand what was the problem?

metatrader is a much better solution

MT4 is out dated. It has been around since 2005 which in technology terms is ancient and it was created for market makers.
Multicharts is the best platform I believe for a professional trader, one day maybe I might get to that level:eek:

Not sure how much more user friendly a trading platform can be…

MultiCharts, Ami Broker, Ninja Trader, Trade Station all have a much higher learning curve. Especially if you want to take advantage of all of their features.

I found deal extreme (software made by GFT) to be very user friendly in comparison to MT4. Initially I got quite frustrated by MT4, but soon got the hang of it by trial and error and watching some tutorials on Youtube. IMO MT4 is the one to use due to the sheer number of people who use it. I’m actually starting to like it’s quirks. I like the process of installing indicators and EA’s. I’m sure there’s better software out there, but MT4 is like iOS, far more people use it…

Is a easy use app for sure.

Did anyone hear that Metaquotes prohibited 3d party software developers to improve MT4? What are yours opinions on this?

[QUOTE=“huchonok;476815”]Did anyone hear that Metaquotes prohibited 3d party software developers to improve MT4? What are yours opinions on this?[/QUOTE]

Where you get this info?