Is Price Action Legit? And if so which price action thread to read?

I’m new and have finished the school … I found a journal i like and a broker. Was looking for a simple system to start learning from on a demo account. While searching a ran across this thread on price action.
then this one 301 Moved Permanently

My questions are -

  1. Is price action a legitimate route? or are they just showing charts from hindsight?
  2. If i’m going to spend the next week learning from one of these (or another) thread. Which is recommended?

Also i made it through the first couple of pages of the first price action one and the guy was selling his forum at forex school online hard, but i thought maybe i could learn from the thread anyway. … i plan on going over the posts but to save time it would be nice for an veteran to please point me in the right direction … thanks.

Also if this worked as well as advertised why post so thoroughly about it and make a site based on it? Seems to be teaching it is the form of income not actually using it to trade. But I’m too new to distinguish between fact and fiction yet.

Ok i think i understand … Price action is something i should learn because it does give good clues toward where the pairs are going , but it doesn’t give all the information. The reason that certain members would claim that it did would be to fit in a niche and to sell a simple pure system that sounds great unto itself … Is this correct? or am i being too cynical?

In a way it’s all about price action, when traders talk about the head and shoulders pattern, it’s the pattern of what the price action has been, it’s about how you interpret these. At the highest professional level I imagine you can get two experienced traders holding different views, they could be both wrong, one could be right, they both could be right.

Sometimes though you will get obvious setups that work out fine, and the very same setups can at other times take you out.

Price action works. It has always worked and will continue to work as long as humans trade the markets. What’s more, learning price action will give you a greater understanding of the market than any indicator based system ever will.

I haven’t ever checked out the Chris Capre thread. But I found Johnathon’s FSO thread several months ago when I was struggling to make a profit in the market. Within a few weeks of finding that thread I was a profitable trader. The membership teaches a lot more set-ups than the two taught in that thread (pin bar and engulfing bar), trade management, private videos, articles, etc. IMO the forum was worth the cost of membership alone. But you can be profitable only trading the material in the BabyPips thread if you learn it and practice it.

In any case, I highly recommend the free material (you’d be silly not to read it) and the paid membership.

I think it comes from a genuine desire to help new traders, with the membership fee as a small reward for all the work he has put into his site. He really loses nothing by sharing it; it’s not like a few hundred other people trading the method are going to make a dent in the market liquidity enough to even begin to invalidate it. That’s a problem when people share EA’s and automated methods, but not with manual methods.

Trading pure price action will give you an edge on the market. Nothing else is needed. You won’t be able to 100% predict every move of the market - nobody can. But when really obvious set-ups come along, you will be able to predict their direction with a pretty high success rate.

I’ve traded for while but i cannot say that i’m successful… far from it but i’ve experienced trading with little to 10 indicators in 1 chart to naked trading (price action reading) and my best trading days came from naked trading. My way of trading is a mixture of snr, snd, fibs and basic knowledge of candlestick. I also look at multiple TF from daily to M1 chart (yes, M1 :wink: )

It looks like everyone is sharing some of the more recent threads (which are pretty good), so I thought I’d share an old school one with pretty good insights: 301 Moved Permanently

Hi Zeeky,

Welcome to the BP. Wonderful place to learn and share things. Let me give you a much detailed reply

Price action is definitely a legitimate route. So you are on the right track.

As to which thread I’d recommend, a few points of note. For Jonathan Fox’s thread, you should be asking about his trading fund. What fund? That is a good question. He started one back around 12’ trading members-only capital, using the same methods from his course.

The fund quickly went negative, and after a year-plus it never regained into positive territory. You won’t hear a word about it from him now, which should be saying something key - Jonathan is not a profitable trader as demonstrated by his fund, which is now likely non-existent.

So word to the wise, (likely why he is pushing his members forum so hard). Don’t get me wrong, Jonathan seems like a nice guy, but his fund using his methods from his course lost money and was negative for a long time. That should say it all.

I’d still suggest learning PA, but recommend the other thread. He definitely does not push his members forum hard, and seems mostly low key about it (in my experience). Chris posts a lot of his own trades from the actual broker chart, showing where he got in and out (won’t find that from Jon on the other thread). Also mentions setups ahead of time, and most of them work out, like his Dax recommendation just last week.

No doubt, price action is definitely something to learn as it will give you good clues as to who is in control of the market and why. I hope I’ve given you some good information.

Do you have any source at all for this information, even a past post mentioning it in passing?

I find it hard to believe that Johnathon was able to create so many profitable traders (even those just following his free method here on BP) and could not replicate or outperform those results himself.

Furthermore, he will occasionally post trades he plans on entering in real-time. So there’s no fudging with the validity of historical trades. From what I have seen the large majority of those trades end up working in his favor.

Well I first read about it both on his thread (as he posted a video), and then read more information about it from one of his FSO members on forex peace army.

Here is the link

Forex School Online with Johnathon Fox

I will look for the link on his BP thread, but it is so many pages, could take loooong time. But to prove this idea further, go post on his thread publicly and ask him directly. He posted a video on his thread and talked about it openly. This is not something being made up, just ask him about it.

He had a fund, which he publicly discussed in his BP thread. It was further talked about by his members on another site, also being in a draw-down. So the evidence is clearly there.

This type of environment is & always will be a very attractive & inviting hunting ground for marketers & product salesmen. They have a captive audience preying on the majority of the membership’s weaknesses, ignorance & naivety.

There’s only [B][U]one[/U][/B] reason they attach links to their private websites within their profiles & continually pump those sites for all they’re worth within the posts on their threads.

You’re kidding yourself & everyone else by attempting to differentiate between these bottom feeders because the truth is they’re all here for the exact same reason.

What is it they say about a fool & his money?

Hello Pipcrawler, You posted a link to “Alternative Technical Templates thread” I’ve just finished reading it through. A huge amount of information in 40 pages and just what I was looking for. Brilliant, Thank You.

Hello Zeeky, and thank you for the thread topic.

Here is something simply put but also interesting for you, I hope:

Price Action Traders | Investopedia

Are you ready to be a ‘tape reader’? The purest form of price action trading!

As for me, I am a million miles from that, and still relying on the old-fashioned chart analysis… I suppose it feels

more comfortable (and a little warmer) in the fold of my ‘technical’ nest!

Happy trading.

Yeah, it’s good stuff and another example of how market psychology and behavior doesn’t really change, right? Glad you enjoyed it serenpipity!

That’s what they encourage folks to capitalize on every time they log into their platforms & they presented a simple, logical approach designed to identify & tap into that repeatable occurance.

It doesn’t really get much simpler than matching a strong currency with a weak one & identifying a repetitive set up & trigger combination to maximise the behaviour traits of milking the momentum that particular scenario continually creates.

The hardest part is utilizing common sense & exercising patience to wait for the scenario to present itself & unfortunately that’s the bit that can’t be taught.

Well everyone i’m reading the Alternative Technical Templates atm thanks good stuff. Just taking it one step at a time … i am still confused and sure i will stay that way but thanks for helping try to point me in the right direction. I’ll try not to ask a question like this again … it just opens up another thread for marketers. Hard to read between the lines sometimes but trying.

Sometimes it’s really hard to learn things alone. We need help from other experienced members. So you can ask anything important to get into the right direction in forex trading.

Regarding your question on which price action thread to read, I would like to recommend Price action thread by Chris Capre. Not because I am promoting it but I have learnt so many stuffs and you can clarify anything there which related to PA.

See you around mate.

I would suggest the one by chris capre…


there’s lots of free information online, but the problem is sifting through the junk to find the quality stuff. you asked why a person who teaches would sell a membership and not just live off of trading (if i am understanding you correctly?) well, my thought is that they have a passion for forex and want to share it with others, but it would be very time intensive to constantly write new articles, run a website, forums, chat rooms, and give advice such as chart of the day or weekly recap videos, etc. only fair that they are paid for their time. i’m sure there is more involved to it behind the scenes than even i can think of.

I can’t comment on Capre I haven’t tried his stuff, but you’ve got to be careful with these paid price action sites. I joined many of them…only to be disappointed to find their paid material was just rehashed stuff you can find from simple google searches.

If you want to learn price action from a great teacher and trustworthy source, check out The Forex Guy - Learn Forex Price Action Trading Strategies, the war room there is actually very good. At least the course has original content that’s explained well, so it takes the hard work out for you of having to sift through all the junk and bad advice online. Welcome and good luck!