Is the EUR/USD going to fall?

hey guys…i just found this forum…must say the school of pipsology is pretty cool…

Now i am opening this thread to discuss only the EUR/USD…i know there are other threads which discuss this pair…i am not here to get “the holy grail” system or anything…i just want to bounce ideas of like minded people.

Now back to the topic on hand. Is EUR/USD going to fall in the comind days or weeks???

I believe so…why? because if you look at the daily and weekly technical indicators…they suggest this pair is overbought…the candle sticks have been forming a doji or a spinning top since the past week in the daily charts…Bollinger band suggest it is up for correction…RSI and MACD suggest it is overbought…

So all the technical indicators are pointing towards a downfall…any analysis from you people out there??

i hope someone would bother to reply back…:slight_smile:



Well…just yesterday i wrote this post that the EUR/USD should fall…and guess what…today it fell by 100 pips!!!..i just thought i might as well put this in!! :smiley:

Hay wonderful analysis.

BTW i lost 134 Pips there…

hey burham…are you new to forex as well? i just got into this market a month ago or so! just reading and learning as i go…:smiley: