Is The Forex Market "Manipulated" Or "Driven By Economic Fundamentals"? What Is Your Take? :-)

These two paradigms will tell a lot how a trader approaches the market.

My take is, the Forex market is manipulated.

I’m curious to see how the community responds. :slight_smile:

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You may or may not state reasons. It’s okay. :slight_smile:


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Is it important to know? I mean, if you knew with 100% forensic evidence that it is / isn’t, how would that affect your trades?

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Sarcastic answer: yes, it is manipulated. Big banks can take down an entire nation and economic system by placing a huge trade on the currency pair.

Real answer: no way it can be manipulated, if not by Central Banks and Governments for monetary policy purposes, not to take your lunch money.

No way is it manipulated. There’s so much liquidity no one person or organisation can manipulate the market. It is totally driven by fundamentals. Fundamentals includes Central Banks, economic data releases, geopolitical events. This is what professional bank traders follow and they trade the biggest position sizes.