Is the UK still a Democracy?

not by this definition.

next step will be closing down courts.

watch it happening soon.

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the UK will go into the history books as “example of what happens when you have a dumb leadership” paired with the dumb idea to “let the public decide on things they have 0 understanding of”

im really thrilled to see how this all ends.

Risking falling into a philosophical debate, do we have actual democracy anywhere? In my opinion, there is no “government by the whole population”. We can at most have a government for the majority of the population.

Either way, what’s happening in the UK is terrifying!

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The UK has moved from being a Democracy to an Idiocracy. A nation of stupid old bigoted fools and self-obsessed youngsters run by an out-of-touch political elite.

You’re out :tada: and stay out!

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The UK has a bi-cameral monarchical representative democracy. So we don’t get to vote on everything, including who is PM. But we do get to vote on who we think our local MP should be. If we don’t like what the government does we can vote them out. Its all very ordinary.

As far as i see things MPs dont have a word to say on anything right now. Theyre not even allowed to enter the building?

Or is that fake news?

Whats the point of voting someone as your representative just to have him/her silenced when decitions need to be made?

The PM isnt voted by the population and he can basicly do whatever he wants when he dismisses parliament?

Doesnt sound any more democratic to me than the former UDSSR

Its not so black and white as the politicians and media say it is, they’re all play-acting in their own grand production, and the media are lapping it up.

The MP’s aren’t silenced, they’ve had years to debate an EU exit referendum, a year or more to debate the law allowing the 2016 referendum (which they duly passed) and 3 years to debate what sort of Brexit we should settle for. They could have already passed a law forbidding any PM from accepting a no-deal Brexit: they could have done this any time in the last 3 years but even before that, in fact ever since we joined the EU 40 years ago.

When Parliament re-opens, the MP’s will have enough time to debate Brexit, apply a vote of no confidence and pass a law forbidding no-deal if they can get a majority. It can take about 4 days to get a law passed, but less if there’s a national emergency.

The PM isn’t appointed by the electorate but that’s pretty common round the world. Well, its common where folks have a vote of course.


Parliament voted to call a referendum on our EU membership.
The people were asked if they wished to remain or leave and the majority voted to leave. Leaving means leaving all aspects of the EU. EU rules do not allow you to pick or choose. It was made clear at the time that we might leave without a deal.
Parliament voted overwhelmingly to trigger Article 50 and within the Act it was stated that this could either be with or without a deal.
Parliament has voted 3 times against a deal so the legal position is now that we will leave on the 31 October without a deal.

If this happens then democracy will have prevailed despite some MPs trying to undermine it.


Democracy means rule by the majority of the population.

The UK has a PM voted by less than 0,01% of the UKs popupation, who dismissed parliament to have nobody say “no” to him.

Does that define democracy for you?

There’s no difference between the appointment of this PM and the appointment of any. The voters vote for their MP. The MP’s vote for their PM. The MPs’ choice is normally known before the General Election but doesn’t have to be. This is not an unusual let alone an undemocratic situation.

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Hipocrasy at its finest id say

You can always tell when one of our politicians starts moaning about things being run undemocratically or unconstitutionally its because he hasn’t got a proper argument.

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That’s curious, to say the least.

I dont think that we actually understand the concept of democracy. It is the rule of majority of votes actually and not by all people. I think that Brexit vote proved it that will of majority of people is respected

A realistic viewpoint.

Democracy means submitting your own will to the formalised expression of will of a larger group. That actually doesn’t sound too appetising does it?