Is there a 1 minute everyday where market is closed?

I checked specification for currency pairs and it says:

QUOTE: 00:00 to 23:59
TRADE: 00:01 to 23:59

So, there is a minute wherein market is momentarily closed, that is, 00:00 to 0:01 where no trades can be entered?

Yes, and I weep great tears of pain for those 60 seconds. The markets close for 60 seconds of silence to honor all of the newbie traders who are strewn about the trading battlefield, pennyless from the last 24 hours of trading.

Lol, all a joke! The Forex markets dont close for 60 seconds. I am not sure what you are seeing.

Hmm… just yesterday I was trading GBPxxx and for around one minute whenever I entered an order IC markets returned “Market Closed”, and after a few moments, the price gapped down, only to return to normal values after a few minutes.

Their computers were likely indicating volatile pricing, depends on what xxx was and time of day, just protecting themselves and you.

The 00:00 thing, again specific to pricing, instrument and broker.

More info here if you wish:

Got it! :slight_smile: Thanks!!!

Forex markets are in operation somewhere in the world constantly Monday-Friday. But the firm that gives you access to the market or access to their market based on the forex market will probably not operate 24hrs/day.

As I know the market never closed even 1 minute along on day market opened, but maybe occured if price seems no movement a minute or more because no any transaction on the market, or there no demand on currency which volume demand will increasing value currency, but I think on every day market never occured closed even 1 minute

I don’t think the forex market closes for a single second. Forex market is not the stock market. You can trade on this platform whenever you want. How great is this ? But the value fluctuates every second, you need to be careful of this as well.

I don’t understand what you have said but i know this that the market stays open from Monday to Friday, 24 hours a day except the Weekends. Even if the market is closed for one day, don’t worry rest of the five days are enough for you to trade. You can just relax and chill on the Weekends.

I think that you can take a breather in that one minute. The forex market is so big that around four to five trillion dollars are traded everyday. It is traded in almost all the countries. I know that there are many losses in the trading but the positive result outweigh the losses.