Is there a clock you could download for free that you could download to mt4

a countdown that changes according to the time frame you use

A countdown to what…destruction?

P4L clock works nicely for me. It allows you to display time from multiple time zones, and gives you a countdown to a new bar which changes on each time frame. It also has a bunch of other useful settings, and it’s free. I got it from another forum and don’t want to post a link, but just Google “P4L clock”. Here’s a screenshot:

download Mq4 file, put in Experts/indicator folder, restart MT4. THis gives you the countdown for each bar, depending on what time frame you have it on…

MT4 indicator (b-clock.mq4) | Forex Indicators Guide

there are a few varieties available in forex factory which you might wanna try

Here is another one I found like 2 days ago… I used it yesterday, and its great. It has an alarm also, so when the timer runs to 0, it will set off alarm, then continues the countdown… its really more of a desktop timer, and has nothing to do with MT4, or its files. You have to sync it up to the bar count, and you can do that by using the B-clock that I posted first…

VERY useful to Oanda Java users,

New Candle Countdown Timer Clock

doesn’t that indicator drag your chart into slowdome? some indicators have bugs which hangs or crashes the computer