Is there a way to Download the lesson text?

My first question :slight_smile:
Is there a way to download all of the B Pip lessons text so that i can print it out and have it like a book to refer to?
If not, i guess i can CCP text into a program and then print it out. Just thought i’d ask ~ hope it’s not too stupid a question :o

In any event, i’d like to have the info on the written page.

I thought at one time there was a PDF file of all lessons available for purchase through the site…but I don’t know if they do that any more. I’d email the admins and ask them about it.

Below is a quote from Pipdiddy regarding the Babypips School PDF >>>

School of Pipsology PDF

We are currently in the process of writing new lessons and combining them with the old PDF. We have taken down the link for the time being. It will be back in the near future! Thanks!

I suggest that for now you just hit the print button and get the text that way.
Alternatively, send it to Microsoft Paint/save as and print that way.

Thanks peeps! :wink: