Is there an affiliate program with LiteForex?

Is there any affiliate program with LiteForex and where can I find the details (cauz I wasn’t able to find it on LiteForex website)?

Seems to be one with every broker out there, apart from the odd few, email them and ask them.

Dear stfitch,
You can find the description of LiteForex’s affiliate programms on our website: Forex | LiteForex

The partner program is there. It can be found on the main page of a site. The button to Partnership

LiteForex Multi-Level Affiliate Program: Under this program you will earn additional income

For those who wish to have their own highly profitable business in the sphere of Forex industry, LiteForex group of companies presents a new Multilevel Affiliate Program, participation in which will bring additional profit to the partners, working at the professional level.

Now you can earn money just by attracting to the Company not only new clients but partners as well.

According to the unique conditions of the Multi-Level Affiliate Program of LiteForex Group of Companies, you also receive additional 10% commission from the earnings of a client, attracted by you, who in his turn has registered as our partner. You will also accrue your benefit from trading of those traders who become the clients of LiteForex Group of Companies on the recommendation of a partner, attracted by you.

When you become a member of the Multi-level Affiliate Program you earn:

  • 2 pips for each transaction by your client;
  • 10% commission on the earnings of your partner.

Cooperation with LiteForex group of companies on existing affiliate programs deserved credence by the vast number of clients and reputable financial experts, as confirmed by status awards of the brand - «Best Affiliate Program 2010» and «Affiliate Program Innovator 2010»

i like liteforex affiliate . they pay for partner higher than other broker. i was earn 100$ per week with my affiliate in liteforex

affiliate as a PTC. you have many referral you can get many money !

you can contact me to get detail about it. i have just encrease my income with this systerm how i earn 500$ per month with it. if you want to earn money from it. you must do this now it is a open account in liteforex. and contact me. i will help you.

yeah. we are easy to get affiliate with liteforex. when we register we have a link for share . when we share this link .the people will become our referral. it will be good

That does sound interesting I may try it

i have just increase my affiliate in liteforex upto 450$ per months. this is a great affilitate i ever see

yeah. i have just check my account. liteforex offer great rebate. now rebate is 2 pip. i think it is great my money from affiliate encrease 25%

Sir, there are many types of affiliate program. rebate,cpl,cps,pamm, white label, and Regional representative.
Can you tell me the differences of CPL and CPS??

at this time. affiliate in liteforex is great. they offer great rebate and promotion code

I think so, lite companies adopting MLM business and used in affiliate program. So, it can increase our salary from online. You can participate in “Bring A Friend 2.0” program from liteforex.
If you can bring ONE person, you will get $15 sir…
and much more, its just in first level…
Check HERE…

i have more friend in liteforex. i was earn more money with them. becasue 800$ is highest commision for me. i got it last month. i think this way is great. but you must have responsibility with your friend. you must has knowledge for training them.

Its newest program of affiliate sir, its bonus really great. we can get much money in short time…
I’ll participate on this affiliate program.

You can trade as well as join the affiliate program, so it gives you freedom to earn more apart from the income from trading.

Or just put the money you earn directly in the trading account :wink:

I think that join in affiliate program is the best choice for online business, its no risky. But the best affiliate is from liteforex because we can get free website from this broker. all promotions media also various and attracting.