Is there any brokerage company who good at everything?

I saw that, the forex broekr I have to choose is the biggest trade I’ll ever need make. Many of us somehow done this daunting task, I don’t know how!!! But, guys is there any broker who is best for every factor in forex trading? I mean, the best package with every kind of features and service. And all they do is for their clients!!!

You’ll never know was your broker choice good or not. As soon as it pays and don’t make your trading miserable with B-Book and put you dealing desk, market challenges are the only you have to tackle. Traded with a broker that have trusted license, well-build website, positive trader reviews and which were not suspected in manipulations especially with successful traders.
Make sure you check forums once a week to see reputation is still matters for your broker.

@ontario I will make sure to do this steps, Thanks for your suggestion. But it seems that trusted license broker does not give lowest spreads and their deposit is very high. And it seems website is very messy.

Yes, it’s a common problem for the beginner trader. they choose best broker but the trading environment it has always against them. Their minimum deposit always high and not available better lowest spreads . that’s why newcomers have to choose on others.

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You are absolutely right @Hadden. I am going through from this kind of common problem. I wish I could make my own trading environment. But it is not possible. Because it’s all up to the forex broker. Anything more from you will be much appreciable. And Of Course, Thank you very much for the reply.

Are you sure you need low spreads? Have you tested your trading strategy on demo? What are the results on distance? Fairly good? Are you sure reducing spreads will add winning odds to your strategy.

Always ask why you need something, just don’t simply want it. Because sometimes losing some insignificant on one side you gain much in something other.

@ontario, thanks for bringing those questions. Asking those questions to myself it seems very much effective. Because I didn’t think like this. Why I need low spreads actually. Is it fair for me or not? Now I am trying to ask myself what actually I need, and what should be my goal, how can I achieve my aim and with what. Thanks again.

its okay and welcome. but don’t choose a broker in an emotional state.

No way to deny your message. But lots of brokers are available in this retail market place which is more appropriate for the beginners. I admit it’s a difficult task to find them but obviously possible. Go through Google and YouTube reviews.

I know these. You can find top ten brokers from Google and many other social sites. But honestly speaking they are out of reach for the general traders.

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It’s okay hadden , lead your trading life in order to your trading knowledge and experience and thank you for response.

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Key rule to successful trading is pretending this is your regular office job with salary which are expected to grow with your level of expertise growing. You are boss to yourself which can set tasks, complete them and reward respectively. Just don’t take it a get rich quick scheme!