Is there any EA really works in real money account

Please let me know…
Is there any one really makes money consistant base with EA(Im talking about EA below 1k$ price)?
I have tested numbers of EA before.
I found out Demo account and back test is not valid, because when u do with Real Money account, it works differently in bad way. I hope it works differently in good way but it never happen at least with my experience.
I can see so many peple still testing and some put on real account and lose money.
But is there any one who really make suceesufl trade with EA?
Becase we know that we choose to belive what we want.
But it is time to face the truth.
Again, we all really want to know if there is any one can make consistant base profit with EA, please let us know. And Hope u can share your story.
Real money account only please.:21:

well, these are the problems with EAs. I doubt there is any EA that is profitable over a long period of time. Markets are changing much too fast for the developer of an EA to adapt.

Because our previous post has been deleted due to the forum violation rules, I will only disagree with dfahren, this time only by saying that long term profitable EA DO EXIST. And I can back up my statement. If anyone is interested I can privaltely proove it (I hope this is not against the forum rules, if someone ask me for the proof of my statement; is it?) Forum mods, am I allowed to do this?

If you haven’t found them yet, that doesn’t mean they do not exist.


Try this one. I have been trading on it for over two years now, with a live account.

If you dont mind, please share your proof. Also, I want to know your broker and VPS company u use and your location. As we know, where u trade and Broker/vps make significant difference. Plus how often do u change the setting?

Since I am not affiliated with or connected in any way to the creator(s) of this EA and thus gain nothing from people using it, I think I can safely (i.e. without Mods kicking my butt for it, hehe) advise you to google the term ‘[I]forex real profit[/I]’.

You might find something interesting. :slight_smile:


I just started mine live on Feb 7th - and to date - it has made 7 trades with 1 loser. and 6 winners - but WAY WAY WAY to early to tell - I plan on letting it run for at least 3 full months live (by live I mean real money -but 1 penny per pip, just to gather my statistics) and at the moment - it is a very standard risk x and tp is 2x - no trailing no fancy smancy.

Advice given to me - was FIRST have a successful trading plan - if you can’t trade successfully, how can u make a successful EA? Anyways that’s my take on it.

So I don’t really have an answer - -but I gotta believe there are many ea’s that actually make money - -else I wouldn’t be trying it now would I.

Hi just a quick question for silver bullet

On this thread you have said that you have traded a live account with forex real profit for two years.

On the forexrealprofitea (thread 35) on the same day, you question the wisdom of anything for free is not worth having.

I am a little confused. Is there 2 forex real profit eas

Hi Kevin. There is only one ForexRealProfitEA. And it is not a free EA. It is not possible that the guy traded it for 2 years, because we launched it to the public only one year ago. And the guy is not part of our team, so he cannot have 2 years old live accounts.

Thanks forexrealprofitea

The only reason I have asked the question is I am looking into purchasing your product


Hi guys I am new to this forum and just wanted to share my experience with Omble Trader - Forex Market Technical Analysis he uses a couple of MA on a daily chart. I first saw his post in another forum and been following him for the past month the results have been positive thus far. He posts images of his chart on his site which tells his entry and exits…