Is there any EA's available that help prevent slippages

pls i would like to know if there are any EXPERT ADVISORS that prevent slippages and if they are non i would like to an advise on which broker to use, one that have no slippage . thanks

Firstly, if you use MT4, i’m using fxcm as a broker, you have an option under new order at the bottom that says maximum slippage (in pips). you can set it to zero if you want.

Secondly, there is no reason to have an EA that prevents slippage from occurring unless you are using your own Expert Advisor, in which case, the question you should be asking is how to code your EA to prevent slippage.

In theory the coding for it isn’t too difficult, you can even us a message box to override the trade if you want.

For example. Your EA gives you a buy signal, but price has moved so fast that you’re now getting in 0.00005 higher than what you wanted. (5 pipettes isn’t really a big deal unless you’re scalping on say the 1-5 min charts) You can create a variable called entryprice for example. then create a message box where if (Price >= (entryprice +0.00005)); it will show the message box.

I could code it for you if you want, however if you are just manually trading, just select how much slippage you would allow at maximum.

if you have an EA and you want this in it, send me the .mq4 file and I could code it for you, along with an override function.
The over ride would be a message box saying something like "There is more than a .00005 slippage, do you want to place this trade anyway? with a yes or no button.

Hope this helped.


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Hi, TradeProofer’s EA monitors the Forex Broker spreads and the trade execution for slippage data. If you google TradeProofer the website will tell you more about the EA.

TradeProofer’s data found that IC Markets Raw accounts had the least slippage on a % basis of 55 different broker accounts.

I hope this helps!

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I have a pending orders E.A ,some events have the worst slippage, is it possible, by any chance , to make my E.A take trades and avoid slippages