Is there any script to buy and sell at the same time?

Hi everyone,

I wonder there is any script for me to open 2 trades (one buy and one sell) [B]at the same time[/B] in MT4?

Thank you!

Ok yes I am sure there is one out there that can do that for you. I dont know of one but its out there. The reason I dont know of one is why would you want to do that. Its the same is not opening a trade at all. Oh wait dont opening a trade at all is more profitable due to the fact you dont have to pay spread twice. Unless you plane on covering the market which I have seen people make money none of which were able to sustain it over the long term.

To prove that point lets take a look at AUD/JPY. Lets say you started buying and selling at the same time since 2008 (after all your going to want to be in this for s few years right?) Market has overall trended up. So you buy and sell at all the highs and lows. Ok well all your buys at the highs you would have made money on (not much but some) and all the lows you bought at would have made a decent chunk of change. So now you are sitting thinking man I got all this cash I must be doing something right. Well what about all them shorts losing money and tieing up equity. In order to cover the margin you cant take you money out to spend or your sure to get a margin call. Now what? Whats the point letting all that money sit so taxes and inflation can eat it up? Even if it dont eat it you got to leave it there to cover the market. You cant take it with you.

Just food for thought not picking on you if you want a script to do that go to the expert adviser section of the forums or spend some time on google I am sure you can find something to do that. Also keep in mind if you are in the USA no broker will let you do it so forget it unless you move your money off shore.

Hope the best for you just wanted to throw that out there for you to ponder on and if you know something I dont then please school me.

Didn’t get your idea here. Do you want to buy and sell same pair or two different pairs ? If same pair it is like same pair hedging and no point of doing that.

If two different pairs once again no point. Because you are trying to do some kind of gambling. Why don’t you try to develop a solid system to trade forex rather than wasting your valuable time ?

Dear bobmaninc and perryfx.

Thank all your replies .
I just want to try hedging strategy. I buy and sell at the same time with small orders. I need a script that help me able to “buy and sell” simultaneously so that the price I buy and the price I sell are minimum difference.

Have you got my idea?

You don’t hedge at the exact same level as that would make no sense, unless I am missing your strategy completely here. I like to hedge my positions, but not at the same price level as that would not get you anywhere.

If you want to hedge, put on a smaller position (no need to pay the spread on a larger position), or sit on your thumbs until you don’t see a need to hedge.

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hi leopedia, youve had any success with same pair hedging strategy…i have been working out a strategy as well…appreciate your feedback…rgds

Hi Tomkien

Is this what you mean take for example the GBP/JPY this pair can easily move between 100 and 200 pips a day.

If you set your stop loss to buy and sell at say 30 pips if it goes down you lose 30 pips but if it goes up you gain maybe 100 pips. If it keeps going down you still only lose the 30 pips, and eventually has to come back up.


hi kevin, if market is ranging all your s/l will be hit…in this method you open the chart once in two days or more and close positions…you could also change the grid to 50 or 25 instead of 100 , where the difference between a buy and a sell would be 35/17.5pips instead of 70…so you could see results faster…but not more profit:19: this is good for traders who have less time to trade…if it proves succesful


I can see where you are coming from. I tend to follow the 1 min chart where you can see price action unfolding.

If you have a 30 pip stop loss, lets say on a sell, but you have bought and sold the same currency and it goes up you lose on the sell, but gain on the buy when the chart starts to make lower highs (normally pivots or physcological barriers) take your profit and sell if it is a ranging market.

This only an idea I have come up with in trying to understand tomkiens question


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Any strategy which is designed as a “hedge” system can be executed without a hedge element. It’s a simple mathematical truth as hedging (in the sense of having matching long/short positions) is nothing more than a method of accounting. And because hedging can lead to extra transactions, there’s a good chance the non-hedge version will produce better returns due to lower costs.

I would agree with this fact that using the Hedged trades may be risky for traders as they do not know exactly when the markets are going to make a move that is why they may results in double losses :frowning:

I think there is a script but I was wondering if somebody can equip this EA " SEND BUY & SELL " to work for all open symbols.

Now I don’t trade with hedging strategy anymore, ever I am get double loss due using hedging strategy, most difficulties use hedging is when time to determine open lock hedging, often if get wrong time open lock hence loss will more again

I also suffer from the same problem :frowning:

That wasn’t really my point. You can accomplish the exact same thing in a non-hedge fashion.

To my mind, the real risk of hedge trading is that the trader doesn’t really understand where the performance is coming from. Hint, it’s not from hedging, since that is only an accounting methodology.

Probably you can find a broker which will allow you to buy and sell in a same time, but that just doesn’t make any sense and it will take nowhere.

You can open two trades in same time, that just doesn’t make any sense.