Is there such a thing as too much trading?

how many trades is too much? is it only too much when you start losing?

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It depends on your trading type! Normally, scalpers need to open more trade’s than long term traders!

Initially, don’t open more than one trade when you have a running trade position! And focus on the quality than quntity!

That depends. How much is too much. If you’re trading the daily, 2 may be too much. It all comes down to your strategy. Make your rules, follow your rules, and backtest your rules. Do this, and you can’t trade too much.

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How about starting with 1 trade a week and then see what your limit is?

What time frame are you working?

Hmmm. :thinking: I think it depends per person. :open_mouth: As long as you can still properly manage your open trades all together, you have a reliable system in place, and you have the time and emotional stability to watch over all of those charts. :sweat_smile: Personally, I do one or two trades every few days or so.

W1, D1 and H4 acting as higher timeframe for bias. Mn I also watch time to time though.
H1, M15 and M5 for refinements.

I think if you open more than you can manage, then it’s counted as too much. As long as you can manage, there will be minimum loss. It’s better to have a plan so you know how to move.

Simple: If you trade more than you can handle, then it’s too much.

These thoughts come when you are on a losing spree. When you are winning, you’d be like, let’s trade more and win more. It’s all about the mindset.