Is this a new trend?

All markets undergo cycles of rises and falls, and some are more fragile than the others. No matter how resilient a market is, it inevitably suffers in the presence of a global outbreak, and the more well connected the market is, the worse the pain it admits. A natural question, then, arises. Which business can endure hardships despite unfortunate circumstances (of course, provided that human species still exist)? Our answers are those that are based on an undying volume and those that are relevant to education.

With this vision, we would love to announce RITVA, a financial investment platform that emphasizes resilience and sustainability. RITVA is based in the capital of Estonia, and operates on a basis of attracting funds and growing those funds in a viable fashion, while upholding the community’s value as much as possible. As an investment firm, we have to carefully plot out different investment options, each with different expected and return and time frame for such a return. We categorise our strategies into short, mid, and long term.

Our short-term plan involves dealing with Introducing Brokers (or IBs) in the FOREX market, who essentially drive trading volume to the exchanges so as to earn commission. This provides us with a continuous and instantaneous stream of income, bearing virtually no risk and little bootstrapping cost.

Nonetheless, income from playing with IBs is not that high. This leads us to our mid-term plan which is to run a venture capital investing in promising startup. Here in Estonia, a silicon valley of Easter Europe, we have great exposure to various brilliant ideas and favorable environments to nurture startups. The only downside is that these startups would often take a year or two to realise their idea and bring their product/service to the market, which essentially means we need to wait that much time to see our investment coming to fruition.

As interesting and fascinating as the concept of Fintech is, it is not the only star in the sky. We believe that with the ever-faster pace of technological advance, especially in information and telecommunication systems, other fields can very well be able to incorporate these innovations into their workflow, and thereby boosting their efficiency and profit.

The particular field we set our vision in is Education. EduTech will definitely be the next trend. None of us would ever think twice when it comes to investing in your or your children’s education. With all the wonderful and transformative things EduTech promises to bring about, together with the eagerness of the consumers when those services are actually offered, there is no doubt that the pie will be extremely large, and whoever set their foot early in the game will get a lion portion of the pie.

We are offering different investment options for investors and commission benefits for those who join us in growing and expanding our vision. We shall elaborate on these matters in our subsequent posts.

Carpe Diem.


How can I know that your company is legally registered in Estonia? and If that, can you specify the way individuals should invest to earn money as well as commission from your platform? It’s quite vague for me when I browse several parts. Thanks.

Sound the good plan! Where can I get more information about RITVA?

What is your investment approach that ensures “resilience and sustainbility”?

Based on the current market turmoil, it doesn’t even look the huge hedge funds can provide this, and they supposedly have some of the smartest minds.

I also have the same question in mind. Where is RITVA’s profit from? And How can RITVA ensure the sustainbility?

The strategy of RITVA is clear. But is working with IBs risky?

Does anybody here have a demo account?
Curious about how Ritva broker platform works

This is also very good. Does Ritva have a website address?