Is this a Scam?

Hi Guys,

Recently I was doing a copy trading with a broker. During a recent trade, I saw this happened (look at the screenshot below). The active trade was on a loss, however the trade closed and ended up with a positive trade. As I am a trade in stocks myself, I am quite sure that the volatility in forex would not be able to cause that big of a difference between active and closed trade numbers.
I was wondering is the trade manipulated or at least which plugin could cause this?

Part 1:

Appreciate some advice and help from experts here.
Will upload part Two soon

Part Two

The account balance moved from loss to profit equal to $99.32 for a movement of 12.7 pips. So the risk was $7.80 per PIP. A move of 12 pips in the same minute is not unusual. It is the equivalent of a 0.127% move in price. I do not consider that to be out of the ordinary.

Thanks for replying Mondeoman! Would not expect the suddenly big change of movement to be possible in Forex. Clearly I must study deeper into the technicals of it. 🥲

However, I did a comparison to the timestamp of 19/11 1138H. The candle stick did not reflect the price on my app.

19/11 1138H Screenshot Candlestick

Whereas if I compared to 19/11 1131H candle, the closed price is possible. Was wonder if MT4 have such a “lag” in terms of reflecting the time of the closed position.

Part 2 on 11/19 ~1131H!

As of withdrawal, it had been fine with this broker. Typical 3-5 working days before receiving payments, I tested withdrawing my current position before. Now just doing my due diligence to check if the trading system is not manipulated, given the stories I seen online.

I am trying to find that range of prices on my TradingView chart. What time zone are you in (your mobile phone timestamp) and what timezone is your broker in (UK, EU, USA, other?)

I have drawn the two horizontal lines at the price action showing loss and showing profit, and two vertical lines at 11:30 and 15:30 UK time. As you have pointed out the candle at 11:30 does not cross both these prices

Might find some relevant information here ? ;

Hi Mondeoman,

I just checked back. My timing 1938H was MYT hours.
On the MT4 timing, it would be UK time (as reflected on your trading view chart that you inserted)

Seems like the trading price and chart is manipulated. Is there by any chance the broker could do these manipulation and still reflected on the MT4 app?