Is this broker legit or a scam?

Is legacy fx legit…I always see their ad on this site and I did some research and got some negative feedback

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I’ve heard nothing bad about this company. But their contact address is in the Republic of Vanuatu: that’s enough for me.

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The problem is with the withdrawals according to the reviews I saw

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My relationship with them was great at first then it turned sour. I have been with them for a while and everything was good and going smoothly till all their services became unstable, I also had to start paying for withdrawals and I couldn’t even withdraw. I contacted them and got several excuses, then I knew I was getting played, I quickly wrote to fastfundsrecovery at protonmail com and I did as instructed and was helped. I really hope they improve cos I enjoyed the time I was able to truly trade, make profits and withdraw.

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Hello Fredyy,

Your comment was very useful for me, but I got a question,

What broker are you using now, does it give you signals and mentoring too?

Thank you for your help before hand,

@Dalryl - It’s Your money mate -throw it away if you want to ! :rofl:

The fact that this was believable until that email address about recovery of funds. Boy, bye.

Haven’t heard of them. Why not trade with more established names instead?!

If the feedbacks you have read are negative and they pose a difficulty in withdrawals then it is clear that you should not go with them. Anyone can spend a few bucks and have their ads displayed anywhere they want, doesn’t make them legit.

hello freddy , thanks for the referral . he was very useful to me in getting mine back