Is this possible?

Is it possible to set pending orders to trade gaps on Friday for the next week. Like setting both buy and sell order for anyway the gap goes up or down

Yes, you can set orders at prices outside the gap you expect but these can be negated by the spreads implemented by your broker. Do you think they are going to let themselves be taken to the cleaner’s like this?

You need to see the spreads they charge at around the week’s open, and observe of course that the broker’s offers do not necessarily start when the market opens in the far east.

Thanks mam

Nope it’s not possible. If you have a buy and sell stop in place, your order will be activated at the opening price.

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If you work with an adequate broker and on a normal trading platform, then you have no restrictions at all.

Maybe, but the main thing here is not to make a mistake with the forecast, plus at the weekend news may also come out, so you should be more careful. You can plead the trap, these situations used to happen to the British pound a lot…