Is This the Last Bull Run for Bitcoin and Ethereum?

There’s been chatter about this possibly being the final bull market in the cryptocurrency space. Let’s clarify what that means: it doesn’t signal the end of crypto or future bull markets but rather a transition towards more stability and maturity.

Bitcoin (BTC):
Bitcoin’s last bull run in 2020 was powered by the DeFi sector, luring new investors with the promise of astronomical gains. Yet, bull markets tend to reward those who were prepared long before the frenzy. This market often traps retail investors, and emotions can lead to poor decision-making, such as panic selling during downturns. As for Bitcoin, its value isn’t inherent but comes from the profit potential it offers.

Ethereum (ETH):
Ethereum followed suit with the 2020 DeFi craze and the 2021 NFT boom. By 2023, the market turned bearish as these bubbles burst. Presently, market discussions center on whether we’re in a new bull run or a sustained bear market. To ignite a full-fledged bull run, we need a compelling narrative that attracts fresh capital and retail investors. However, caution prevails, keeping the market subdued.

In conclusion, this might not be the end, but rather a shift towards a more mature crypto market. Success depends on preparedness, emotional control, and adaptability to evolving narratives and market dynamics. While it’s uncertain whether this is the last bull run, those who understand the market’s intricacies stand the best chance for success in this ever-evolving space.

When it’s about crypto market and trading cryptos, usually I heard it’s risk because it’s to volatile or I hear some strategies doesn’t work on crypto market because it’s not mature enough. so, we can be hopeful that cryptos are going to be more stable and mature.


Your analysis provides an in-depth look at the current situation of the bitcoin market.

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I think it will shift into a more stable market with less gains and losses. The only reason it went mad in 2022/2021 was due to the COVID pandemic which meant a lot of people found themselves at home for a long period of time with nothing to do. I really can’t see the market rising like that again, especially as more and more laws and regulation comes into place.

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