Is this the most painful thing ever?

In my whole time trading I’ve never missed a TP by such a short margin before :disappointed_relieved: but on the other hand the feeling of relief when a trade skims your SL is even more intense (even though they tend to go straight through them a few candles later anyway).

What are your guys experience with close misses? Id love to hear how you handle the trauma :smile:and not “settle”/stick to your trade plan by not closing your trade early.

Hi I use EA, if results from backtest and trading are big different I remove this strategy and take one from my backup strategies. Regards Greg

It happens.
It happened to me about 5 times in the last 2 months, including hitting the stop loss precisely on the pip and then go all the way to the take profit.
It’s bad, but it is short-term luck that should not influence your long-term results.
It’s like losing AA against 27 in poker. It can happen, keep calm and continue with your game.

Good luck!