Is trading solo possible

Is it possible to trade alone, directly with the interbank, without a broker involved in the process? If so, how much money is minimuum investment?

. . . I’m thinking about solo trading after reading your posts on the best brokers, types of brokers, etc. It seems that there is no perfect broker based on your recommendations. Each broker seems to have lots of negatives. So, I’m fantasing about the possibilities of trading directly with the relevant bank minus a broker. Yet, I don’t know whether this is feasible.

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If you want to trade directly with the Liquidity Provider then trade with a Market Maker type broker. If you want your orders matched with anonymity then trade through an ECN / STP broker (preferably using cTrader, but MT4/MT5 could also be ECN depending on the broker).
I don’t believe it’s possible or at least feasible to trade directly with the interbank being a Retail Trader. That is why brokers exist. To make it possible for retail when it was once exclusive to banks, hedge funds and institutional investors.
While it’s true there are no perfect brokers, there certainly are some really good ones. Depending in your needs, different brokers suit different types of traders.
I would suggest you make it simple and look into big, reliable brand names.

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You require a connection to the exchanges - you gain this by opening accounts with brokers. Brokers will pay very high fees to have DMA (Direct Market Access) in which they offer to you, their costs are covered by the commissions and spreads. It would ruin their business model if all retail traders were allowed connections via banks - the banks endorse the brokers BTW.


I think you should go back a step.

Are you certain that the only solution to your trading problems means you must change your means of access to the markets?
Are you seriously saying that this is the only thing will lift your trading from making losses into making profits?


Thanks for taking your time responding. And I agree with you when you say, “I don’t believe it’s possible or at least feasible to trade directly with the interbank being a Retail Trader. That is why brokers exist.”

Yet, I don’t think that it’s in a trader’s interest to deal with a broker, who is a market marker as you suggest. I’m told that these brokers have the habit of trading against their clients. Some expert traders said that Oanda is such a broker. Besides, I have a gut feeling that most unregulated brokers, like prosperity and Kot, also play against their clients. I think that even FBS maybe doing that. I say so because I can analyze their moves, which have a lot of algorithms. I say so despite the fact that I do extremely well trading in demo accounts. I haven’t yet opened a live account. But I will just join a broker used by most successful traders, and see how it goes. If you know such a broker let me know!


Well noted, thanks.

yes its irrelevant if you have nt already a plan or proven profitable practice

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Thanks for your reply.

Well, I didn’t say that trading directly with interbank is the only solution. I think that it’s the best solution out of other possibilities. I guess given the less options for retail traders to trade directly, the alternative is finding a great broker, and also advancing my skills. I’m fully aware that there is no perfect broker. Yet, I’m sure that there is such a broker, which is somehow better than others. It probably has a lot of success stories. Should you come across such a one, let me know!

Good morning!

Thanks for participating in the discussion. Well, I do have a great written plan, and a record of some profits. However, the truth is that the profits are not yet based on a live account. But I’m confidence that I will do great in real live trades. I’m better in practice than theories. That’s why I’m taking my time here at to learn these theories, terminologies, analysis, etc. I’m loving each day: taking one step at a time.

Thanks for interacting with me. I’m sure you will share more valuable data with me so that I can consolidate my practical knowledge with background wordings.


yes well you do seem conscientious so that good, as for brokers from my own experience i use a well known broker.Though they are there to make money and will extract as much money from you as possible, "without breaking the rules "

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I’m not clear on “trading against their clients”. If retail traders are such a small piece of the pie compared to banks, why would brokers compete against their clients? Brokers are gonna use $100Ms to win against their small pie retail traders?

I use to think market movers were SL hunting to take out retail traders, but now I have doubts in that idea. Retail traders are like a single flea on a horse’s back. Right or wrong?

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Hey! Great. Do you mind sharing the name of this broker? Is it an ECN or Market Maker?

I think that you could be right too. Since, there are just too many traders to manipulate by a single broker. It’s such an open market. So, a broker maybe afraid to play such a stint.

But it’s also possible to use robots (whatever hidden system) to manipulate the forex-trade-dummies, who are very new to the business.

Personally, I careless about such brokers. I will continue learning and improving my skills daily such that when I execute one trade, it will coverup for the losses. So, I will just get out there, and enjoy trading. That’s why I’m daily studying and practicing, documenting my progress, and lessons. It’s exciting.

So, see you at the top.


I suggest you find a broker that offers cTrader platform. As it is an ECN only platform that can only connect directly to liquidity providers. Unlike MT4 which brokers control, cTrader is exclusively controlled by the developer, Spotware.

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Do not hand money to any unregulated broker, make sure you check the regulators in your country and ensure they are trust worthy

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Thanks for your feedback. You are right. But, I checked Kot4. It seems like some prominent American academies recommend it although it’s unregulated. I don’t know why. Yet, as for me, 3 weeks is enough for me to know that it’s not good for me. I dropped it today. I’m moving on. I will try another broker until I find the one that suits me. Cheers

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the broker is IG

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Thanks…let me just read right away about this IG.

Why not just use trade copy link your demo to your live account. So you trade with demo but all trade also will be on your live account but treat it as demo. Let us know how it go afterwards.
You should focus on improving your trading and stop blaming other (brokers) on your losses. Even millions dollars trade use broker.

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ok they established a long while and regulated that a start but i would nt take notice of reviews online,you have to find out yourself

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