Issues with other posters

I was surprised to wake up this frosty Monday morning (-15 C) to find I have been sent a link to an even more frosty and very vicious PM that has been going on behind the scenes attacking numerous regular posters here on BP.

I am not interested in responding to that PM but because I am also mentioned in it and accused of a very serious matter which, if true, would rightfully result in an instant ban from BP, I wish to open that part up in public and invite all of you readers to tell me anything that you have against me or any suspicions you may have of my intentions or behaviour here.

Amongst all the other accusations in that PM, this was personally aimed at me and so I am publicising here:

[quote=“Trendswithbenefits, post:1, topic:131608”]
I’m so sick of you clowns running around in a pack savaging everyone…Manx got a kicking the other night by two experienced insto posters (removed by moderators) for playing sock puppets in the threads (and I have proof as well) and he’s not the only 2 handed poster out in the playground… [/quote]

Unfortunately, or fortunately, I never got to see those posts that apparently gave me a “kicking”. Obviously they were deleted by the moderators very quickly. However, the accusation of being a sock puppet is, in my book, very serious indeed.

I did change my Username from Manxx to Simple_Simon a while back in response to the confusion over the new site structure and functions (a site facility available to anyone under “settings”) but all my posts under that new name also showed “Manxx” underneath my changed Username and there was never 2 Usernames open simultaneously. But I missed my old name and its continuity and requested the Administration to change it back to my original (and only) other Username: Manxx. This was done entirely openly and with the administration’s knowlege and consent:

But a sock puppet involves a single poster setting up two or more simultaneous usernames and using these to “talk” with each other to achieve certain aims such as encouraging innocent Newbies into scams, etc. Now that is something very different, deceitful and very sinister.

But @Trendswithbenefits is accusing me of precisely such activity in that PM to a 3rd party and claims to have proof and so I invite him here to present his proof in public.

At the same time I invite anyone and everyone else here, including the moderators and site owners, to raise any complaints or issues you may have against me so that I may be aware of them and answer to them in public.

I have posted over 1000 posts here with nearly 400 likes. My reasons for being here 1) to share my experiences and knowledge with others who are at a much earlier stage in their journey, 2) to gain some fresh insights from others and maintain knowlege of changes in the profession in general, and 3) to participate in a community focused on building skills and excellence in the field of forex and commodity trading.

The most part of my many posts are exactly this, a few more are purely humourous and a small number are directed at pointing out factual errors, deviations from site rules and protocols, and identifying potential scams.

I do not belong to any “gangs” or “packs” here on BP, I simply post what I feel to be truth and relevant (which, like with anyone else on this planet, may not always be so).

So let me have it, tell me what you don’t like and/or what naughty tricks you think I may be getting up to…


It is sad isn’t it. But some people just can’t be happy with what they do, they have to find someone else they can be or claim to be better than, someone else to criticise.

I was accused on another forum last year of being a puppet for the UK financial spreadbetting industry and being in some way remunerated by them to post about the advantages of spreadbetting. So as well as denying it (as it is not true) I challenged the posters to approach as many SB companies as they liked and offer their services as PR puppets, in the way they suggested I had done, at least to prove that this sort of game goes on. Needless to say they could not produce anything and I was able to clout them with it and display their poor credibility whenever they came near my posts.

Anything that needs to be said on a forum for the benefit of the forum needs to be said in public.


Precisely, @tommor !

There are two type of criticism: that which is aimed at content and that which is aimed at people.

The problem recently is that there has been a significant increase in the latter. However, there are genuine issues that are raised against people rather than post content but the problem is that there is not a place where these types of personal issues can be resolved independently and they end up being developed in threads devoted to a specific topic and distracting and even destroying those threads.

But I have always believed that these kinds of personal issues should be openly and honestly addressed. And if they can be resolved somewhere away from the mainline threads then the site is much better for it…


Below is a link to the whole conversation that took place… a conversation that was meant to be between just James and I until he opened it up to the “click” without asking permission… So now Manxx wants it out in open, you will be able to see how vindictive some members on BP are…

As for the allegation against Manxx I will answer that separately…via PM which he can publish if he wishes…

Thank you, that is indeed how such accusations should be dealt with - in public and directly to the person(s) concerned.

And I will demand that the site owners fully investigate your evidence and deal with me appropriately according to their findings…

Ahaa…so you have now edited your post to say you will only submit your “evidence” to me by PM??? I do not want your PM I want your evidence here in public - please honour that request (and I will publish your PM if you send it, whatever it says).


Ahaaa…Live it will be…

First of all, show me in the thread provided where Simple Simon had Manxx underneath and vise versa…? Click on the Simple Simon name to show original post…

Still waiting…15mins…Still waiting 30mins…

Is that it? is that your “evidence” of sock puppeting?

You may not realise it but when a username is changed it changes all the earlier posts to that same new name as well. It does not only start with new posts from then onwards. When I change my mind and asked to revert to my former Username then all the posts were changed back to Manxx. When the Simple_Simon name reverted to Manxx then the linked subheading “Manxx” was also removed.

There is a facility to change one’s Username under “settings”. Changing an existing Username is not the same thing as secretly running two of more simultaneous user identities. Posters do change the Usernames from time to time, that is why the facility is there - but it remains the same account. But having two separate accounts is a very different thing - which is what you are accusing me of - please provide your evidence of that (if you can, which you cannot because there are none!).

Sock puppets are two names owned by the same person simultaneously interacting with “each other” for some purpose. This is not sock-puppeting it is “simply” a change of Username. I have already posted the @Pipstradamus PM confirming this and agreeing to it.

Even more importantly, you should be able to demonstrate where I have apparently been conversing with myself with two different Usernames…

So if you had just asked me instead of sending malicious and defamatory PMs to other people this would not be necessary.

Is that it now? or do you have something more to add?

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No, you chose the public route Manxx not me…shown the above request, you could have just PM’d me and cleared this up… instead you went public. Still waiting for the duel name to be shown…then this wouldn’t have been an issue…

PM’d other people…crap… this was meant to be a private conversation between James and I until he opened the invites after the conversation had been started… so top bloke… had to have his buddies for support in a one on one chat.

By the way your name was on the hand holding list…and the duel name to be shown on the posts…

Stop spitting your dummy out TWB - have you listened to yourself, it’s embarrassing just reading what your saying.

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If you had been active on this forum you would have known Manxx changed his username to simple Simon after I posted this picture.

Wish I could find that post. To know where your going first you must know where you’ve been. Nothing more sinister than that.

However I will not be participating much more because I got this warning

Culture within an organisation is a fantastic field of study, one I have been lucky enough to have been exposed to. It works both ways. It can filter up or down within the group. Here at babypips it has filtered up simply because the leadership group chooses not to participate in the discussion.

They have no intention to either. They can’t.They are not speculators. We tend to forget that behind the scene, BabyPips is a For Profit organisation. When things come along that threaten revenue they (the robot elders) react. I’m a threat to revenue therefor how do you remove that threat?

You however are not a threat. You are safe, boring and so on

Which is why you’re welcome to the forum because the rest of us like those before are moving on. We are not the problem. We are just not good for revenue.

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Stop spitting my dummy out! were running away… what happened… you should have a read of the transcript…

Here we go…stacks on now the Cavalry has arrived…Just as I described in the PM…

Good, you have nothing more. That is fine…

@Pipstradamus, I would be very grateful if you would confirm here that I originally changed my Username in accordance with official site facility for this and that you subsequently fulfilled my request and changed it back for me.

I’ve answered your questions to date… you answer mine… third time asked

I was active… Simple Simon vanished mid conversation as you can see in the thread…

Wow! That was quite a warning @Bob!
I must admit, I am not really surprised, though! :slight_smile: You do have a certain, personalised, way of expressing your opinions sometimes! :slight_smile:

I would be very disappointed to see you go, but I would not be upset to see some of your comments disappear or at least be toned down a notch or two…or more! BUt thats just my opinion - and I guess why I wanted this thread! :slight_smile:

I have already answered that. It was connected with the change to my new Username Simple_Simon. It disappeared when that Username was changed by @Pipstradamus back to “Manxx”. If you have a problem with that then take it up with @Pipstradamus himself.

…I am still waiting for your “proof” that I am a “sock puppet” with multiple accounts and using them to get up to nefarious dealings here.

So far you have proved that i did change the Username of my same ongoing account - is that still a problem for you - or anyone else here, come to that?

I’m not surprised either bro. Always had a problem with authority and rules. Its in my nature to push boundaries and limits.

My loss will be relatively insignificant. The loss of past vastly more knowledgeable members has already hurt the forum.

Age has left me increasing intolerant of the needs of sensitive individuals. Yet society is telling us we must met their needs. I don’t understand.

And your opinion holds value to me so this I will do.

How is the winter treating you up there in paradise?

Just fine so far! Plenty of snow and great skiing conditions.

But what constitutes “paradise” is, I think, an individual matter! :slight_smile: With temperatures starting to drop below -15C it is time to think about digging out those undignified “long johns” …(but don’t worry, I won’t post a picture of that! :smiley: )


Ok… so the statement “Manxx” underneath my changed Username" was just a fallacy…so to put it into point form…

• Conversation was supposed to be a private one…and was opened up after said comments…not splashed in public. Nice one James… Class act… Confidence to PM me…respect hits new lows…

• Thread from the other night was moderated quickly, after which you disappeared for a number of days. The mods will know what they removed from the thread, I didn’t get a chance to screenshot it.

As for proof I have none… there were other members on that thread who may have seen it, it’s up to them to come forward. I know what was said and who said it…so will you.

• The change of username mid conversation in original thread (Nov 17), made me suspicious, but nothing was said until what I saw last week.

• There is no way to verify that a new Username has been altered without a reference of some description as you have confirmed in the posts above.

• You have justified the fact that you changed your name via request to Moderators which having seen the post I fully acknowledge and I apologize for the accusation without proof at hand.

I have also read some threads from Sept 2017 where all you boys had the riot act read to you by both long time members and moderators alike…some of you boys apparently have form…

"Wow, you agree with Tacita and Quickly and LaughingCharlie. How original. Oh wait, you do it in every post you’ve made, since you’ve joined. When was that, August 21st. And Tacita, August 29th. Yet you and Tacita know that things have been bad for years? That’s rich. You guys are like the 4 musketeers , always together, kicking up a storm. What are you, sitting in the same room?

And @anon46773462, maybe they don’t want to go anywhere because they know they wouldn’t last under somebody else’s thumb. Look at the feedback threads since the new site launched. It’s the same group of people, same story each time. Complaint. Make demands. Fan the flames. Bash. Repeat." .

And… no…that’s it…