It is possible become a perfect trader?

I think it is not possible become a perfect trader being a usual trader, because you broker can copy your trades ideas and move the market in other direction.

Suppose that you find a perfect forex strategy and you win a lot of money for 5 moths not losing even one dollar. You really think that your broker will not see this and will try to copy you strategics but investing much more money? If many peoples copy the same perfect strategics it will become it useless, because the market will start moving in the opposite direction?

Each forex broker represents a very small portion of the FX market. They couldn’t move the market enough just to stop you out. They also probably wouldn’t bother to do it with a retail traders account size

You’re partly right.

Almost all trading strategies with an edge cannot be repeated forever and until the 100th dimension. This is because currencies also change their behaviours and so, even if you find a perfect strategy, always be on the lookout for when it stops working in a few consecutive situations. Using myself as an example, at the beginning of the summer, I came up with a strategy that yielded me about at least 20% a week for a few months and at the beginning of the recent NZD meltdown, I noticed that the strategy would not have worked if i had used it. I checked the EURUSD and noticed the same thing, so I had to ditch a profitable strategy. I cashed out my capital and some profit, archived my profitable strategy for future use and went back to the drawing board. With hindsight this was the right move as in recent weeks, the USDCAD in addition with these two currencies has consistently neglected obeying the once very profitable strategy.

This month has been dedicated to finding a new strategy and this past week, it seems like i finally discovered a winning strategy. I finally ended a 4 week losing streak where i was trying to come up with a new winning strategy.

Who knows how long it would last before i’m on to the next one.

EDIT: And that’s the reason why [B][U]in the long term, all forex trading strategies would eventually blow your account[/U][/B]. So it’s up to the trader to determine when it’s time to ditch a strategy and cash out.

If you use the best broker in USA Russia or China you probably will be using a bank service from one of the best bank in this countries. Maybe it is not so small as we think?

Yeah but you forget that we speculators only make up 3% of the overall market. Even if your order somehow made it though to the spot market its impact would be like a drop in the ocean. You should do some reading and find out what really happens to your bet when you place it.

There’s no such thing as being a perfect trader. Trading isn’t about finding perfection and becoming perfect. It’s all about probabilities proper risk and money management. On top of that insight into fundamental factors that drives price movement I think will provide you the edge that you’re looking. By doing so you’re not becoming perfect you’re only stacking odds on your side.

Yes the usual speculators make only the 3% but exists other speculators with more big power FED, central banks on wide nations, … and a simple comment of a central bank director can produce chaos.

Yes I agree with your comment. To be a good traders we should be prepared for plays that will produce money lost, even using the best strategies.

Aside from the fact most wouldn’t consider the FED , central banks or a central bank director to be a “speculator” you are getting off topic. Your post was about your broker either copying your trades or trading against you just to stop you out. Do you think the fed is a broker? Or that they’re using one?
As was said before. Recommend you learn the full chain of events that occur once you place an order with your broker.
George Soros was able to throw the market and was undetected during the trades. Trust me the fed isn’t studying how to stop you out!

Think we’re casting pearls amonst the swine here bro. How can one even be a good trader if one doesn’t understand the difference between a speculator and a trader. A broker from a bank. How a brokers “A” and “B” books. Dont need to chase perfection just consistancy.

Bro how can you have a trading plan if you keep throwing out your strategy ever 6 months. Your strategy should be able to “flex” or adapt to current market conditions. Young dumb and full of …

Young, dumb and full of [B] PROFIT[/B] :wink:

Now, to get to your dumbness, i try to design a strategy that would be profitable at least 85% of the time with a R/R greater than 2, which is why I was able to get a 65% weekly profit on 50:1 leverage even when i did not follow 3 or 4 of my alerts for that week. it’s something like my six sigma and obviously because of its high level of precision and profitability, I do not expect the strategy to last me for 10 years. You may be proud of a strategy that is profitable 60% of the time and has a R/R of 1:1 or slightly less, but to me, it simply does not have an edge. And that’s why i smile when i finally come up with a strategy.

Ok that’s fine. Let’s all take it easy lol geez. The important thing is we are profitable. And trading can seep into your brain and make you a little snip with anyone. The last thing we need to do is start cutting each other down. We’re all in this together.
And clearly, whether we’re trading a temp system or trading an old tried and true boring one, we’ve each found our niche. And we can all agree on the same answer to the OPs question…nope!! Don’t even worry about trading a system that never losses and what will happen. Because you’ll never find that system. You learn how to manage your own account and don’t care what any one else says. And you’re proud of it. And when we argue with each other. It’s because we really just want to point out each other’s flaws in their trading styles. The more we know, the harsher with get with people we know can take the constructive criticism.

Ouch, I think my battleship has sunk. Is it possible I give a ****e (ref ace of dips). Well yes it is. Is it probable. No its not. And that’s the difference in forex. A “perfect” trader ( used loosely) knows the difference between what’s possible and what’s probable. If you “trade” what’s possible, what’s probable is you won’t be around long to enjoy the rewards. I’ll stick with the probable. Ace I do hope you are profitable stick it up me this time next year if you are still are.

Yes the main point is about how much impossible could be being a perfect trader, winning frequently and not losing any money, even with perfect strategies. Not only because someone try to stop you, this is more a open analysis.

oh are you the same troll from the other thread? dude you must have too much time on your hands to be trolling so many threads on babypips and whatever other sites you troll. Anyway i’d make sure to be on the lookout for your username next time you try to troll my comment.

I add that apart of being probable the strategy used should consider that it could lost and do not put all eggs in the same basket even with an 80% probability of win on play.