It's Here, Your First Step to Winning. Route 60 Explained. (PDF booklet)

I sucked at trading for a long time.

I obsessed over it, and I tried everything to no avail.

That went on for years and years and the there seemed to be no way to win. I just could not figure it out and it felt awful to lose money every single day of my life. That all kept happening right up until I discovered a few things about the market.

I am not exceptionally gifted or anything like that but I put the time in and one day it ****ing hit me, hard. I found a basic function of the market and I was able to devise a trading plan from it. I found out more and more data until I had a fully profitable system that was simple to use and worked like a charm. That was my first step, and since then I have been adding and refining like a meth cook looking for the perfect mix.

I think everyone deserves a shot if they are willing to learn and apply so here is my first trading system that ever made me and my friends any money at all.

If you have the nerve and the willingness this will make you money. I did not end up negative once in any give month using this system.

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In and out explained:
Risk Reward Explained:
Risk Reward Explained 2:

Link: Route 60+ System by Coffeeshop | Myfxbook



Congrats ,you discovered fibonacci :slight_smile: BTW chart timeframe doesnt matter, patterns are whereever you look :wink:

Haha, Thank you for the congrats. The idea is actually close to the Fib Theory but there are a few key differences when it comes to direction of trade and analysis of trend.

Fibs are really one of those other things that I do consider to be close to truth though, if you stuck with them long enough you it would probably work out. This system I have though is a lot simpler so when it comes to making your first few thousand dollars it is a good place to start.

I do agree with the chart patterns as well, they are everywhere, this is a just a good way to start to use them.


Here are the Possible trades from yesterday on the EUR/USD.

3 winners, all traditions Route 60 Trades. About 80 pips depending on entry location.

Grey is entry area, blue is Exit area.

And while you made 80 pips going long the rest of us made serious bulk amonts going short. The trend is my friend even if its not yours. Hey congrats on discovering murrymaths and contratian trading.

What this demonstrates is we each must trade what it is we see, not what someone else see. Training our eyes and programming the mind thats the hard part.

All the best bro

Although I do doubt that the rest of everyone made money I do totally get the point.

Everyone keeps telling me I discovered something different as well. I wonder what it will be in the next few days :).

I am glad that you are making money though Bobbi, that deserves a lot of esteem in this line of work.

All the best!

You got a myfxbook Coffeeshop? Would be nice to see the progress you make with this method.

I do not actually, let me take a look into getting that setup on my platform.

Route 60+ System by Coffeeshop | Myfxbook

I reckon this is what you need.

[QUOTE=“Coffeeshop;679217”] Route 60+ System by Coffeeshop | Myfxbook I reckon this is what you need.[/QUOTE]

Cool… Mind if I copy a link of it over to this thread where I’m compiling members myfxbooks?

I downloaded your pdf booklet an will take a look at it this weekend…I love everything that is against normal :wink:

Yea man, go for it. I will let you know if and when I change Brokers.

I think what you discovered is more something about yourself. IMO this is critical in any traders development. Don’t trade what someone else sees. Trade what you see. This is what I take from your posts and is a very valuable lesson

When is the next book available?

Thanks, G

Coffeeshop, thank you for generously sharing your trading system. I am having trouble understanding the risk/reward aspect of it. You seem to be entering at 40% of the range and exiting at 60%, for a TP of 20% of the range. While I do see quite a few winners in back testing, I also see several losses that would wipe out those winners. I have defined a loss as price going 10% above/below the range (the loss would equal 50% of the range). Perhaps I have misunderstood or you have a special way of defining a particular range or swing that reduces such losses? Thanks for your help.

Hey PipBilly, It is funny you asked that when you did, I had another person ask a very similar question to that on Saturday so I made them a video response.

So, here that is: RiskReward.webm - Google Drive

Note how I mentioned on Saturday I was said I was long.


I got another good question today about how to define the sizes properly so I went ahead and made another video.


Hi Coffeeshop,

I’m a visual guy. I believe many of us here are too. You don’t display them in the PDF. The one in this thread is also not clear (price and date are cut off, just candles). Kindly please provide some complete, and clear chart demonstrations, for buy and sell.


Check that Video just above your post, It should have the info you need.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

I’m a little confused by your second video.
It appears that when the 4H trend is long, you were looking to trade long.
I thought from your pdf, you always traded counter-trend.