It's possible to break through in forex

Hi guys n gals,

I’m just writing this to encourage you all newbies and those still forging ahead in forex trading, looking for that breakthrough, that ‘it’s possible’.

It’s taken me a long time to get here, but, I’m still persevering and beginning to see the results I desire.

Whatever the strategy or system you’re using or learning to use, keep at it and make it your own, to suit your temperament, your risk tolerance and your goals.

I’ll be posting my trades here for anybody who might want to compare or just ride along with me.

Any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Below are my trades for today. 2% - 3% of your bank on each is a good idea.

4 trades for 18 May 09:

gbp/usd buy trade @ 1.5148, s/l 1.5056, t/p 1.5350 - [B]Move t/p to 1.5491[/B]

usd/chf buy trade @ 1.1233, s/l 1.0973, t/p 1.1370 - ONGOING

usd/jpy sell trade @ 95.07, s/l 96.70, t/p 93.85 - ONGOING

eur/gbp sell trade @ 0.8885, s/l 0.9020, t/p 0.8832 - RESULT - +53 pips

Y’all have a great day.

Thanks for your trade calls, but since everyone is here to learn, how bout posting a chart and explaining your reasons for making these trades.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Look like very interesting.

Thanks for sharing obaasima.

Hi all, as shown above, trades from yesterday are still ongoing.

New trade: eur/usd buy @ 1.3574, s/l 1.3420, t/p 1.3645

Go get 'em. :slight_smile:

how bout some explanation for these trades? trade calls (while i appreciate the good intention) are somewhat meaningless with out the reason behind them.

22 May am:

eur/usd buy @ 1.3923, s/l 1.3724, t/p 1.4030 - RESULTS - +107 pips

gbp/usd buy @ 1.5854, s/l 1.5510, t/p 1.6090 - RESULTS - +236 pips

Good day y’all.

Hi all,

t/p for the ongoing gbp/usd buy trade above has been moved to 1.6090.


Yea, the gbp/usd and eur/usd trades that were set up on 22 May have closed with a total of +343 pips profit.

See below for attachment.

Hi, a sell trade is up for grabs on gbp/usd;

gbp/usd sell, s/l 1.6435, t/p 1.5850.

All the best.