I've a 100% win rate

Hi there

I’m training with a demo account.
In 45 days I opened 5 swing trades
all were wins

I use a basic ema crossing strategy
standard risk management
my emotions are dulls due to years of crypto

so by demo-ing in forex so far I’ve a 100% win rate. Is this common in the demo-world or am I really gonna be a real forex god as soon as I go live?

The FX market has made huge moves recently which favor moving average crossover systems. So it’s not too surprising if your trades have been working.

You might want to move to a real money account first before making claims of being a forex god though. :joy:

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I think 45 days is far too early to judge your performance. The next 45 days may be 5 losses in a row - such is the way the markets work

I personally advise a year of demo trading before going to real cash. No it’s not what I did - which was jump in the deep end with both feet - but in hindsight it wasn’t the best idea.

However what I will say is well done for swing trading not scalping.

Oh? Well, I hope you are ready to move on to real account and experience your first real trading journey then!

Don’t concentrate on the result of a few trades. Have a large sample size of trades first then calculate your market expectancy from that large sample size. That will tell you if your strategy has a high probability of winning for each trade. Do that before you go live. That would mean demo trading for at least 90 days.

And please do watch your emotions. This could make you not to become overconfident and you start making errors in trading.

It is easy to test your hand on a live account. Just invest as little as $100, use a high leverage and trade as little as 0.01 cents. Most broker don’t have that minimum, but Forexchief broker does, I know because I use it. I am just trying to make it easy for you. You’ll even get an extra $100 as bonus to make your margin or capital $200. Trading the 0.01 lot is little or no risk. By all means, please switch to live account and then come back and make another post of 100% success after 45 days. You might even prove everyone wrong. You vibe me?

Risk is just as important as the profit percentage, including drawdown and risk of wipe-out.


5 trades is not a large enough sample size. When you’ve done 20 to 30 trades then analyse the win and loss % and drawdown.

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You will need to make 100+ trades before you can feel confident that the law of averages/large numbers is starting to kick in.