I've made an Automated Endo Analysis spreadsheet (PFTM method)!

I created an Automatic Endogenous Analysis template Spreadsheet which will make fundamental macroeconomic analysis accessible to anyone and without even having knowledge of macroeconomics, and which will make you easier and save you days and days of formatting, filtering, calculating, correcting and analyzing the data entered-
as you should not even bother to learn and be familiar with the method, you just have to enter the data (which I show in the video how to do), and it’s done :100:

This is also the center of Professional Forex Trading Masterclass (PFTM) Anton Kreil 's course and the most difficult part ,and with it will save you hundreds of hours of learning the method and statistical analysis on excel manually and you can apply it to every country you want to analyze :nerd_face:

I created a word file in which I explain well how it works and I made also three videos, two in which I explain how to use it so you can see how fast and easy is to use the spreadsheet ;

and one with a preview of an endogenous analysis made using the template (unfortunately it weighs 180MB and it was nice beyond the maximum allowed for google drive for the preview and then I made the video)

drive folder with a word sheet with a more detailed explanation and the 3 videos that will guide you from downloading online data from a free data platform to inserting it in the spreadsheet and the procedures to do for the most advanced analyzes :


take a look and let me know what you think :raised_hands:

if you have any doubts, feel free to ask me as well,

I am at your disposal :hugs:


thank you broo :heart: