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I have been Demo trading for a few weeks and I can not get the handle on this trading! I am totally disgusted with Oanda! I have watched a trade that I made into a down trend, go bust! I put the STOP LOSS so high that I said no way this will be stopped out. Just to watch the trade STOP, reverse direction and go up and get my stop loss then completely drop like a stone! I mean, you can’t honestly make money when the BROKER is stealing from you!

I don’t care what people say about OANDA, I have watched $500 disappear the same way. So, I don’t trade with stops and guess what, I started making money on my trades! This Fore trading is nothing but, a gamble and there is NO SYSTEM that works! These HIGH PRICED BOOKS are a scam and that’s how these people make their money. Not through trading but, through selling what they think is a system that works!

I started trading FOREX.COM and over the last few days I am up over 100 PIPs trading the same way I have on Oanda! I have taken the same trades and I am up on FOREX and DOWN on OANDA! Hopefully people will do the same to see where they are getting ripped off on their trading.

are you using Stop Loss on forex.com ? If not then do so and then report back the results.