JADEFX - Pure STP Broker with No Dealing Desk

Frankly speaking , this is one of the Best Pure STP Brokerage with No Dealing Desk you will ever find on the Forex Market at a commission anyone can afford. They have Very Low Institutional Spreads , Hedging and Scalping.

I have been trading with them for 1 month now. I had 4 Scalping & 1 Hedging EAs that required very Low Spreads less than 1 or 2 or 3 in some cases. Their Spreads are Very low institutional Spreads. I opened an account with them and started trading with 3 days.

One of the Managers and also a very experienced Autotrader himself by the name Jacob was really helpful, He saved me a pitfall that he knew existed in one of my commercial EA and told me how to configure the Parameters so that it could make good Profits and frankly speaking that really helped a Great deal. That EA made about 75% of my Total profits

My initial deposit was US$ 10,000 and after 3 weeks of trading my EAs my account grew to US$ 16,788.59 . Last week i withdrew US$ 4,000 and got it in 3 days. Very Fast and Smooth transactions.

In my Own Opinion , i think they are very honest and Great . Very Helpful . you can probably check them out yourself at JadeFX Automated Forex Trading

So far so good with JADEFX . My EAs are doing better but this week was a little tough on 2 of my EAs. They recovered and are doing a little better.