Jahruhay's Trading Journal

It is wonderful that you have found the strategy that works the best for you. I will also follow up your progress and so looking forward for your new posts every day. I wish you many successful trades

Thank you @Mantleea, and yea hopefully I can learn more things as time goes along. Wish you more success!

This was yesterdays rankings, just a late upload. Still no new trades for me.

Another late upload for me. My trade #2 NZCAD long went from positive to negative today. In 1H chart the price is below te 200SMA. Hoping it would go back up again soon.

No new trades for me.

Think im gonna experiment a little bit and try to trade using the finviz strength meter.

Seems like a new trade for me as we have a new SW trade
GBPCHF. This is my first time trading CHF and some said they dont normally trade this pair but I would love to give it a try and have my own hand of experience regarding this one.

NZDCAD long trade for me is still giving me negative today.


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Due to a busy schedule, i updated my journal very late but here it is.

I entered another trade CADJPY and this was the new SW ranking yesterday. But I entered only today.

NZDCAD trade is now up by +66 pips
GBPCHF is also up by around +14pips.
Both trades are positive.

I have now a total of 3 trades. Full trade from me based on my rules. Gonna let them run for awhile now.


SW Rankings


AUDJPY should have been a great trade if i only entered but because of my rules to only trade 3 pairs at a time. I did not enter on this one. But the CADJPY trade of mine is giving me a good trade. Up by around +160pips. Other trade of mine are NZDCAD and GBPCHF which is giving me a negative again after being positive for a couple of days. I dont like to trade GBPCHF anymore huh.

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Beautiful Pullback off 200, hard to imagine price
going anywhere else

Yes that was a good bounce from the 200SMA, Almost hit my TP now hopefully it will on the next coouple of days.

CADJPY trade of mine got hit +200pips. At the end of the month I will now close all of my trades which happened to be only 1 remaining which is my second trade NZDCAD opened last 28 of november and I will show it here the summary of my trades.

I also learned a lot which I will definitely update my trading rules.

Alright so first month of my demo trading is up and finished and as promised I will show my trading summary below.

All of my trades has a 0.01 lot size position as I am yet to get the feeling of trading this strategy. Earning +785 pips and gaining 45% is not bad after all.

By next year I will be updating my rules and will increase lot sizes.

Have a happy new year everyone!

45% first month is outstanding!

I’m also looking forward to tweaking this approach
more in the new year

but your results are a great encouragement! Well done!

Thanks @Jerome32. It was a good month after all. Will definitely visit your journal from time to time. Looking forward to learn more from your posts.

Update from my tradings after holidays.

Will wait for a new SW trade as I think AUDJPY is too late to enter now but as per SW rankings, it continues its trend going down. Will also scan from charts looking for some bounce off the 200SMA. Also will update my rules as what I’ve learned from the past trading month.

Almost after two weeks of no trade. I finally have one short USDJPY and here are my SW rankings.

I’ve entered yesterday USDJPY and i forgot to change the lot size. I do have a sell stop pending order at the same price as the first entry, in this case I can close half the position and ride the rest. Also on this trade I’ve waited for the price to bounce the 200SMA in 1H before entering.

I have 3 open trades for now based on the latest SW rankings, these were:
USDJPY - short
NZDJPY - short
GBPNZD - long

all these trades of mine are currently in negative, Next time I wont be in a hurrt and will look on how to imporve my entry after a new SW ranking will come up.

hellow sir can you share excel file ?

Yes, sure, kindly pm me

Update SW Rankings.

I closed manually my trade NZDJPY as it hits what I think is a resistance. That is around -155 pips.

Right now, I have opened anothe trade, EURGBP short as it is our top SW rankings.

Opened positions:
USDJPY short - negative
GBPNZD long - positive
GBPCHF long - positive
GBPUSD long - positive
EURGBP short - positive

Now, in my rules, i stated i should only have 3 open trades at the moment. The reason i got 5 right now is that i moved 2 of my open trades to BE. And also in my opinion EURGBP has broken its last support so that would be a good entry I reckon. We will see.

hellow i am pm you now long time:can you share it pls:fist_right::pray: