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I’ve been reading a whole lot of forex for the past 5-6 months now and just found this wonder thread from @Dennis3450 regarding “Trading the Trend with Strong/Weak Analysis” which you can found on this link below:

I like the strategy, and I think it fits for my lifestyle as I cant look at the chart at many hours a day as possible. So I decided to give it a try.

This is just a demo account by the way so I hope this is possible to post it in this thread, if not then I’m still good with it.

Starting trading capital of 125.59USD with a leverage of 1:500.

Limit to 3 open positions at a time.
My SL would be 100pips.
TP1 = half of the position at 150pips.
TP2 = will continue until I think is the end of the trend, which is what I’m going to learn from time to time. Or by using fibonacci trades. Will depend as this is my first time doing the trade.

SL = 100 pips
TP = 200 pips for now.

My first goal for now is to reach $500 on this account. And after reaching 500$, I think I need to re asses my trades and my confidence If I still need to continue doing demo until 1000$ or start doing live.

Any positive/negative feedback is absolutely welcome and fine as I am just new to forex trading. I would love to learn from all of you guys.

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Im currently in an open position for the following pairs:
1st trade: GBPNZD opened at 28/11 - up by 155pips @ closing price
2nd trade: NZDCAD opened at 28/11 - up by 17pips @closing price
3rd trade: GBPAUD opened at 29/11 - up by 38pips @closing price


Charts will follow later.

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Yaaaay! :smiley: Good luck with this @Jahruhay! :slight_smile: I wish you all the best and I’d definitely visit your thread every now and then to cheer you on! :smiley: Haha. :sunny:

Congratulations in finding a strategy that works for you @Jahruhay! I think it’s fine to create your own trading journal here even if it’s still in a demo account. :slight_smile: Good luck with your trading journey!

Thank you so much ria, I hope you can advice me on my trading as well.

Thanks you bae, just want to track my progress from time to time though. If you have some advice on my trading that would be very good to me also.

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Update on GBPNZD trade.

I should have closed half of my position by this time and moved my TP way lower but because of some connection problem the last couple of days, unfortunately I havn’t did it and automatically closed my position profiting +222pips which is not bad after all.

If SW rankings later will show GBPNZD not having a retracement maybe I’m going to look for re entry.

That would be my Trade#1 = +222 pips

Trade #2 NZDCAD - Buy

Slow market movement, up by 16pips. 3 days and counting.

Trade #3 GBPAUD - Sell

I guess I need to update my rules as I am only taking positions with 0.01 lot and I am not allowed to close half of it, LOL. TP would be @ 200 pips and SL still @100pips.

This trade would be a win if only not for the connection problems I had. +257pips is the highest so far.

Now back to 153 pips. Go down 50 pips more GBPAUD!!!

SW Rankings

GBPNZD continues trends. Read in Dennis thread a 4%+ difference between #1 and #8 is a very strong signal. Re-entered on this pair again. stoploss @ 100pips. tp @ 200pips.

all pairs goes strong against the JPY and GBP remains. CAD and EUR are tied.

Update on trade # 3 - GBPAUD-Short

My TP got hit this morning bagging in +200pips.

Trade #2 which is NZDCAD still going. up by +43 pips.

Trade #4 - GBPNZD short, a re-entry last night. now down by -32pips.

I’ll try to give comments or suggestions as much as I can. :smiley: But, you know, I’m not really an expert so I think I’ll do better with cheering for you. Hahaha. :sweat_smile:

That would be my pleasure ria :slight_smile: . Having that many posts tells me that you are knowledgeable in this game of probabilities, yea?

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Current SW rankings.


We do have a retracement here except for the JPY who’s going strong to #1. For me EUR went down big today, going to check on Dennis view on the market though :smiley: .

No new trades for me. Buy eyeing on CHFJPY 4H as price is bouncing off at the 200MA is bouncing at the 200MA. If later on I can say that JPY is heading to #1 maybe I can enter right now but its better to wait than sorry.

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OMG! :open_mouth: Noooo. Huhu. My posts are usually just questions. I just wanna learn and learn and learn, and just every now and then, I try to give back by helping others with super simple questions. :open_mouth: OMG. I’m not really that knowledgeable. :blush: Huhu. BUT thank you anyway! :blush:

Update on Trade #4 - GBPNZD

I tried to chase the market and got stopped out @ 100 pips. I chose to enter this trade because #1 and #8 on dec 3 rankings got wider. Lesson learned here.

I also got advice from Dennis that some pairs has it’s own rules and it will be defined by one’s self when trading it. Trading GBP I think needs a wider SL than trading other currencies.

Current SW Rankings

NZDCAD followed up and become our top SW trade. I entered on this trade last 28th of november. Currently +100pips on this one and needs a hundred more to hit my TP.

Everyone had a retracement except for CHF.

Still no new trade for today.

SW Rankings:
NZDCAD holds for our top SW trade. I think AUD had the toughest day, and JPY jumps from #5 to #3. Still no new trades for me today.

Cad went lower as well as NZD and it gave us a daily pin bar. Hopefully this is not a reversal.

Dec 3 Re-entry

After computing my rankings at the end of trading day last December 3. Results from #1 to #8 which is short GBPNZD went up from 3.92% the previous day to 4.50% on the 3rd, and that was the reason why I re-entered the trade. After two days I got stopped out for 100 pips.

I got another lesson here which is not to chase the market.

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Trade update:
Updat on my Trade#2 - NZDCAD Long

After my post last December 6 about the daily pinbar. The trade retraced maybe because of the NFP news? I removed my stoploss and placed a warning line @0.89064 which was the product of ATR on my entry multiplied by 3. If price will pass this line I will close the trade. Still a little bit positive on this trade tho.

Trade #5 - GBPNZD Short
After price bounced and closed below 200MA in the 1H chart. I decided to enter the trade short on that pinbar which I think is a bad decision from me. Down by 28pips today.

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SW Ranking for the week. Still positie for the GBPNZD even if im negative right now. Price is bouncing around 200ma in the H1 chart. Hopefully it will break lower.

sw ranking

Update on my trade #5 GBPNZD short which is very risky entering on a pinbar, or maybe someone has a good thought regarding the entry? My tp got hit for +225 pips. Max drawdown of 87pips. If GBPNZD still hold for our top SW rankings at the end of the trading day, ill wait for another pullback before entering another trade. Will try not to chase the market.