James16 Group

Hello! Just wondering if anyone is a member of james16group.us, and if you are, do you find joining the group useful? Thanks!

Im a member and say it is well worth it. Even though i think “James16”, the founder, is full of **** and empty promises… Mike does 90% of the work over there and James16 takes all the glory.

I can just say, that Mike’s sincerity and knowledge is worth the money a thousand times.
And if you are in to options, Kevin is the ****!

Thanks pwnstars! Just curious - What approach does the website take in helping us become better forex traders? Is it more of a forum where Mike or James16 will “mentor” us and answering our questions? Or is it self help in the sense there are videos to watch, etc.?

Different ways… There is a TON of video content… Mike has been recorded all his weekly webinars for the past 5 years.
Many people create a log in which they track thier trades and get thier questions answered.
Usually when you ask a question in the forum or by email Mike (or/and a senior member) will answer you shortly after.

While you learn trading, you can follow Mike’s and Kevin’s trading calls and grow you account simultaneously.

And of course you can attend the weekly webinars and ask whatever question you may have.

If its live and in real time and still getting good results over long term then I guess it will be a good group or website. Many mentors post their analysis but review only that goes in “their” direction and show no comments on the failed setups afterward.

Nothing is send after the fact.
Mike always post a pic of his entry, sl and tp when he enters a trade and then post pics of the management untill its closed.

The problem with most of the followers is that they want quick success which is not possible in forex trading. The method is solid but a person has to make good effort in order to master the technique.