Greetings everyone. I am Msizi Nyembe, I am here to learn and play the Forex trading game. :money_mouth_face:

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Welcome - enjoy the journey! It’ll be a wild ride.

I was about to quit trading, until I heard a voice in my head telling me ‘stick to the plan’.

Welcome to Babypips, PipoJourney! Make sure to check the School here and practice on a demo account before going live! Good luck!

Thank you for welcoming me Baemax023. However, I have been trading forex for 4 years now, but I’m still stuck in between making profits and then followed by losses. How can you assist me with this problem?

Make screenshots of all your profitable trades (with your indicators on them), during the last 4 yeras, also all relevant time frames. Also all loosing trades.

Print everything out, take one month of and beginn: note down the circumstances, under which your trades were winner. Do the same with the looser trades. Write the rules of the winning trades on a sheet of paper, also the loosing ones on another sheet.

Now hammer this schemata into your brain-when everything is on your brain-hard-disk and your rules are on a cheet sheet start again trading, and only enter a trade when your winner rules are valid and ignore the failure signals.

Thats all. :man_student:

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Thank you, I really appreciate this methodology. God bless you.

Learn and play ey! … Lol… Ensure to start on the right foot by eating up all the knowledge you can get and never be satisfied… There are a lot of things out there too