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Sure enough, the cross of DXY and EU are very accurate!


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and looks like there’s more to come, MACD especially
encouraging and % increase/decrease significant
over yesterday

btw I’m talking about the disparity between EU and DXY

I’m especially waiting for EU to break out of Asian zone to
the downside

a nice News trade this morning, trading the Momentum as usual



If DXY is to believed at all we see an ever increasing
disparity. Something could even move during the night which
is why I’ve put he Sell Stop in place

Also just a small point, but an AIMS community guy noticed
that first retrace of Oscillator after cross of Zero was very
significant, especially when moving out of the retrace

Perhaps all the more so when everything else is screaming out
at you!



Just checked my detailed report on new account. quite encouraging.

I have 60% lose rate, not surprising as last two weeks I’ve been
practicing losing better ( managing risk )

so I don’t anticipate ever getting any worse than that, but I will
keep this lose rate as my average for now

but Win/Loss ratio is 5.2/1.90 which I have to say is pretty darn
good, and is connected obviously to improved risk management

I can seriously live with these stats. total trades on this account
is 74 but Ive discounted my initial massive wins as they skew

What you see below was all sensible lot sizing and sustainable

So can you make money on Skypes system week in week out?
No. Certainly not on the 1M/5M timeframe

You will often do better on the higher time frames.

but knowing when the markets are behaving is a very big
part of trading success, and there is no indicator that tells
you this

Actually there might be indirectly.

For example, when the DOW is trending nicely?

Truly, I wish it was that simple. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

A Preliminary WORK IN PROGRESS guide on any pair might be

with oscillators all same colour



A very good day today

Using FinViz as a guide CADJPY was the Standout.

Although the Higher TFs were Long the Retracement was compelling
and two wins of 22 pips and 23 pips


Today GBPNZD is the Standout, with 52 pips made
so far and if we can breach the Monthly High indicated,
another 840 pips up for grabs

the Markets Behaving Conundrum

The last two days we have stand out currency strength
disparity accompanied by powerful momentum enabling
trailing of Momentum bars very accurately

Today for example, I was stopped 0.9 pips shy of the maximum

It is only one guide, and high disparity alone has not always been

We need to see that Momentum

I think this is where it really counts.

Seems like you’ve really hit your stride!


Today we had high disparity and Momentum on several pairs
resulting in 164 pip profit.

One of the best days I can remember trading sensibly.

Up £645 since December 12th with modest Lot sizing.

Approx 23% per month.




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Great job!!


164 pip a day affects you!

It would be very nice for this to now be the norm, but early Monday
morning, this week might be relatively bad, although I’m not planning
it to be

Today we have some great disparitiews forming

CAD and AUD soaring up with NZD and JPY in the doghouse

Its still early, lets see who breaks out of Asian Zone

AUDJPY the favourite at the moment, but things can change
very quickly.

I’m resigned to taking a few moderate losses and no great
winning runners this week.

It simply doesn’t always happen

But back to above posts

It may be mainly about controlling the losses, aiming
for a better class of loser

while waiting for those mouth watering runners

You can’t rush them. They come unexpectedly

We just need to know they do happen quite regularly enough

but we can’t force the market to do anything.

so we just go through the motions day to day and most
of the results are lacklustre

Just learn to live with that and stay in anticipation of those
nice wins

Well worth waiting for

A surprisingly good day for a Monday

Up to £665 - a £20 gain

When to return to live trading is the big question

its not so much a question of can I double, treble my
account. … that’s the easy part

can I maintain cast iron discipline consistently?

Just one relapse can decimate your account, and not
just resulting in depleted funds, but more importantly
depleted confidence

but so far over hundreds of trades a pattern is forming

There are a good many very small wins amd losses, I
view them all as breakevens.

Then quite a significant number of losers between £3 - £11
and a very similar number of winners £3 -£11

but then a few winners £15 - £26 is where the profit comes from

I don’t usually get losers over £11

If I can just keep the ratios consistent I should be ok.

Seven Straight Losers Today

It was half expected, after last two days high profit.
If we just have an edge we are doing better than 98%

I don’t normally post losers because it simply isn’t
encouraging, but in the interest of transparency.

But note none of the losers were very bad

what was bad was there were seven of them :slight_smile:

Two great winners today, around 94 pips I think.

But when the market is really moving it doesn’t seem
to matter what system you use

Break from Ichimoku cloud confluent with ADX8 is extremely
powerful on it’s own

Snipe2020’s strategy is very simple but it does work, far better on
H1 and above. It works on and off on lower time frames but in
a fast moving market it rarely goes beyond 60 LWMA and back.

My Trade Predator system is good if the market is really moving.

Also break of Fractal on concurrent TFs is very powerful

But if you put them all together and they all say the same thing
you are probably going to win!

So lets look at one of my trades from t he perspective of
each of these systems

First up Ichimoku

Next Trade Predator

Next Snipe 2020 strategy ( Forex Keyboard )

Confluent Break of Fractal Box (AIMS community )


Interesting how they all would have won, but they are by no means
carbon copies of each other, so when they do all come together
and agree, its definitely worth taking note of!

I’ve incorporated the best of all systems into one template
for convenience. I don’t find it too cluttered although others might.

but the windows below can be folded away when not in use

Looks like this

Another Good Friday

Nice 28 pip win.

Seriously, I had to go out before the H4 candle was
completed at 11am, so I set a PO which I forgot about!

Came home to a nice surprize


Whilst trading Fundamentals is a non starter, how brain dead would
you have to be to trade GBP today!

The question may soon arise - How brain dead do you have to be to
trade any financial market!

Spikeyness would seem to be a fairly good gauge of the emotional
stability of the planet

and not seeing much stability at the moment

The world is getting more like some Apocalyptic movie by the minute!

A very nice setup on AUDNZD, four horsemen of the Apocalypse
permitting ) - of course things can go beserk even down under.

what did that vision predict? ‘Peace taken from the earth
and deadly plague in one place after another’

Frightfully inconvenient if you ask me

Current Strategy

No real departure from Snipe2020

which does work on lower TFs but can go very erratic
quite reegularly

possibly why Snipe may need to start new accounts on

The main addition to Snipe is higher TFs H4 and H1
and t hey both must have recent break of Fractal Box,
ideally a close out of box in at least one instance

Like Snipe and most others, this tends to work
best as a trend following system

and the double box break rule limits setups, which
is a very good thing

but there still should be one or two a day