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Does anyone know why my screenshots aren’t clickable?

Its ok, they are now

Losers yesterday despite excellent setups

Another great setup today on AUDUSD, but I’m sensing
with such far reaching consequences of this virus, all
Italy quarantined all shops closed, US cancelling all
flights from Europe that the markets will hardly be unaffected
the world as we know it being turned upside down.

In short, it probably doesn’t matter how patient we are anymore,
waiting for fully qualifying setups. that was hard enough, but I’m
seriously doubting that matters much anymore

Perhaps patience in waiting, not for perfect setups, but hold back
from trading until everything returns to normal

if it ever does

Setups don’t get any better than this. what horrors lie in store today?

I can’t really see the AUD getting any form of strength until the virus situation settles down. The only times that it’s making gains are when it’s retracing after big moves that have just happened. Short is definitely the direction you want to be, it’s just how quickly it goes in that direction. And right now, it looks like it’s heading that way immediately.

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Spot on there CJ

100 pip win which I was not expecting at all.

I think it just remains to be seen if trading can be viable for me.

I’m considering actually giving up, not due to losing, nor due to
lack of trading skill

I fear world events spiraling out of control does not lend itself
to calm accurate appraisal of market direction - assuming it
has any notion of direction

more likely institutional panic/manipulation

Today was encouraging, if looking for setups, ultra selective
we may sort the wheat from the chaff

It will be a long time before I venture into live trading a gain

I actually feel exactly the opposite. When there are big events, the market is very easy to predict which way it is going, and it makes big moves fairly quickly.

I thought you were doing well live trading? What is your overall record on live and demo?

We must definitely agree to differ there!

I am not currently trading live and am up around 78% since December 12th
on Demo which I consider almost meaningless. It is only what we can
consistently do Live that really counts

All my Account Histories are posted above in plain view.

This trade should be money in the bank but I
for one am not holding my breath.

The virus is calling the shots now, provoking
unprecedented financial measures that obviously
must impact upon the markets.

Now if you trade Fundamentals successfully you
may well agree with CJ above

for most of us we just see increased spikes, and
price reversing at times and places it isn’t supposed to
then just as you are about to give up on Forex you get
a couple of awesome winners

its as though the market wants to keep you hanging on

Technical analysis isn’t really working at the moment with things being so volatile. The markets are completely risk off, but every day central banks etc are slashing interest rates and introducing stimulus measures and policies to support the economies. You then see a big pull back before it eventually continues down as the market evaluates what this means.

Looks like you put that trade in just as it turned around. Slightly unfortunate, and it will probably head that way later on this week. If you look at the smaller time frames, you’ll see a S/R level right about the bottom of that last red candle that it’s been bouncing off earlier today and last week. That’s where I set my TP

yes I called that badly yesterday for a small loss. but today I completely
see what you mean. Theoretically you can hardly mistake
a somewhat Bearish move.

I should win but probably won’t

127 pips up! Worked out much better than yesterday