Jimmy Young - Anything else like him out there?

I’m a member of Jimmy Young’s EUR/USDtrader, and I really love the program, and intend to stay a member for a very long time. I would like to add possibly one more subscription-type program to my course of studies.

I’m not interested in anyone that promises me I’ll make money, has corny slogans, or secret formulas.

Can anyone recommend a similar program from someone of similar repute and experience as Jimmy Young?

Thanks in advance.

You shouldn't be advertising here, this is not what the forum is meant for if you want to advertise use the proper channels by contacting the administrator.

It doesn’t look like advertising to me…Who are you to judge this?

BK trader worth investigating

I reckon the admin can make the call on this one, but I’m a general contractor, and I haven’t offered to remodel anyone’s kitchen.

Do I like his service? Yup!

Is it ok to say so? I guess we’ll see.

Thanks for the input, though.


i actually so you talking about jimmy young course and i would ask you about it , i got allot of free information from the internet about trading and im an independent success trader now.

Do you think i would learn something advanced from jimmy young? or his course is just for beginners?

Hope to hear from you soon

The thing I get most from being in JYs programme is his insight into the market and whats making it move. I think you would get something out of it but as always in life it depends what you are looking for