Joe Ross Day Trading Book

People have recommended that I go for Joe Ross Day Trading Book given that I want to get into Price Action. Can someone, who has already read it, please suggest if it was worth the money since it is quite expensive! Also, if someone can suggest to me other ways to get the book, it would be gr8! or can forward it to me on renwuias2018"at the rate"Gmail,com. Thanks

Making money is not an easy thing in this market.

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If you type in Google: day trading joe ross pdf
The first website downloads the pdf for you. Good luck.

This is not what he asked.

Hi Tradeforex077

NO, That is a different book. The real one is called “Day trading” by Joe Ross.

The one you are referring to on google is “Day Trading Forex” by Joe Ross.

If anyone has Day Trading by Joe Ross published in 2005, then kindly share.

The book is genuinely worth the read. It has all the basic and in depth information about day trading and if you are planning to buy it, you should go for it. Once you have purchased the books, you won’t have to look for any other source to learn.