Joining a community or buying a course?

Hi there,

Im a total beginner and i want to get into forex and become profitable the fastest way.
There is a lot of information out there but i dont want to read everything and im not looking for a quick get rich system either.

Atm im looking into 3 different courses, Falconfx, Bdappsfx and Gorilla trading. Does anyone have any experience with them and if so why would you join/not join etc…

I dont mind paying to get ahead of the curve but i just want to find the right one.

Little about myself, i play poker for a living. One thing that i would have done differently, if i had to start over was joining one of those CFP programs because that would have made me what i am today if not better. That said you progress much and much faster if you get put on the right track then figuring stuff out by yourself imo.



I know nothing about the education sites you mentioned. Just a word of warning that majority of so called forex educators out there have no professional forex experience. But instead they are marketing geniuses and scammers. I have come across one really genuine paid course that I can recommend. That is Traders4Traders. Otherwise beginning with the free content here is also a great place to start. Wishing you all the best in your learning journey.


My suggestion is that you learn a little about the domain of trading first by picking up some books like the Wizards series by Jack Schwagger.

You’ll get a good feel of the various types of ‘trading’ there are, and what it takes to be successful at it.

Your goal of getting to your destination asap is admirable but before you embark it’s better to survey the terrain first.

A little pre planning is better than choosing a course that you later come to regret.

One book I do highly suggest is Larry Williams ‘Long term secrets to short term profits’ - not specifically about Forex but lays a great foundation on what trading is all about


I like the look of TechnicalFx personally. The founder James trades for himself, also looks like a good community. Hes also got a few students trading with FTMO.

I used to play poker years ago and CFP weren’t even around then. I had to look up what they were. At the time, the most that was going on was you played till you got to last 100 then you passed the account to another player who would get you as far as possible or the other way they would get you to the last 100 then you continue. Do these CFP’s even work? I feel they are exactly what trading educators are. Do they make you play through a certain site so they get % of the rake? I havent watched or been in poker for ages, who are the top 5/10 now? At the time it was negreanu, hellmuth, Ivey and that guy isildur1 was cleaning everyone out until those guys cheated him.

Anyway, lol I digressed. So bsapps is pretty new so dont know much about him other than he charges more than the other 2. So leave him till you get more reliable reviews.

Both falxonfx and guerilla have a monthly option. They both are price action traders. They dont use indicators so you would have a clean chart and looking for trades as per their strategy. The one thing I would say is the guy who made guerilla trading was a student of falconfx. He then tweaked one of their strategies and started selling it lol.

Both can work. If you are going to sign up to anyone. I would recommend falconfx first. It’s better to learn from the master rather than the student. Then when you have the knowledge you can also subscribe to guerilla aswell. The good thing is if you dont like, just unsubscribe but you’ll gain knowledge which will help. Most educators online sell the same material as each other because everything’s already out there for free you just need to find it. So they charge a huge amount upfront so you cant get a refund and theyve made their money if you leave. These guys got to keep it up otherwise people would leave.

Just so you get the whole picture. Everything these guys teach is already online in books, videos etc. So you could learn for free but will take time to find it and you’ll have to go through a lot of rubbish. Once you do learn it, remember you are still all alone. In a community, atleast you can post a chart or see what others are doing. Itll be like asking other poker players for advice while you’re playing your hand. To clarify, I am not with either community but have seen their course and what it contains.

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Thanks for the feedback guys, i will look into it. Im not in rush what so ever so i will take my time and see what i will do :). @tradeforex077 orex I will msg you about the poker questions.

How much % do you guys make a month on avg?

Paid trading lessons are either especially those that offered online. They won’t give you nor won’t help you to develop a trading edge. All information that they teach you is available online for free or in free broker webinars.

I make about 4% a month. This is not that good and I’m sure there are people making much more than this. But I only need 4% for expenses and investments so I dont keep trading after I hit my target. Ive made more if I let the position run but I day trade so I’m in, out and done. It’s worked for me so I havent changed it.



Many years ago, when I had more money than sense, I went on one of the most publicised of courses (leave you to guess). With hindsight - absolute waste of money. Most courses are just marketing rackets. I suppose Al Brooks would be ok, but there are a lot of his videos on YouTube and he tends to be mainly into scalping. If you are into scalping, which does not have a great following here on Babypips, ‘Living from trading’ is a good intro blog. Johnscott31 here on Babypips has a good blog for longer term trade ideas, though he is shy of mentioning it. :wink:

Make sure that you thoroughly digest Babypips Education.

Good luck.


Not shy - just don’t want to get booted off the forum


Id hardly say I was a long term trader but thanks for the plug anyway

I would suggest against opting for a paid course when everything is freely available online. Finish the freely available content on popular sites and then checkout if the paid course is offering anything beyond that.

Taking a paid course is not necessary when everything is available on internet in free so why you want to invest in paid courses. You can learn a lot here in babypips school and other forums availble on the internet.

Hello all! I joined this forum back in ‘08 and I’m glad its still here!