Joining a great family

Hello Everyone, I’m really excited to be joining this family of greater minds in the forex industry to learn from as a beginner in forex to become an astonishing one.

In which case, while trading FX, your mindest should be cool, calm, and collected - never excited nor astonished.

Welcoooome! :blush: I was also excited to try forex, but I’m hope you’re ready for the whirlwind of emotions you’ll feel while studying. :sweat_smile: At least for me, I was confused and frustrated, especially in the very beginning when things were just being introduced to me. :sweat_smile: But I have managed to get better at controlling my emotions since then. Have you visited the school here? :smiley:

Yes i have and I’m really enjoying the knowledge there.

Thanks for the advice Steve, I will try and calm myself down.

controlling emotions is really important issue , because due to this trading habit most of the time we fall a great trouble.

due to emotions we the traders trade over and over and at the end of the day we lost our whole equity.

Welcome! This is great resource for newbies to learn forex. Take your time and good luck with your trading journey!

Welcome to the community, @Quecicika. We’re happy to have you here too. Start with the education section here. It’s the best place to start for beginners. Good luck on your fx trading journey.