Jon's Journal -Forex

Hello everyone, my name is Jon and I am a forex, stocks, options and crypto investor. Here I will only comment on my forex entries, and my observations on stocks (Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon and Google) and Bitcoin.

My forex trading system is a reversal system, when the price approaches a resistance / support that I consider important, I wait for some simple pattern in the price to enter with a loose TP / SL. I like to let the benefits run as much as possible.

It may seem simple and different from the complexity that is offered today, but it has given me good results, and I think that is the secret, keeping things simple.

I am open to any constructive criticism in my analysis; together we can surely improve them. Cheers!

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Firtsly welcome to the forum and secondly the strategy you are using sounds good.



Welcome to the co0mmunity, Jon. I also trade reversals at SR with price patterns. Hoping to learn something new from your journal. Please, keep posting. We are here to support you.

Good luck with this Jon! :slight_smile: I wish you all the best! :smiley: We’ll look forward to your future updates. :blush: