Journal De Prop

Hi , I will be journaling my prop journey here.

Monday 1st Feb

Tokyo Session

NJ Buy
sl : 75240
tp: 75.596

Took hit on the audcad faked

0.97741 SLed

Play Head and shoulders… .

80.271 SL -----> 80.10 might cut
79.20 TP

Price directionless got out with small loss


1.55157 sl
1.5452 tp

1.3699 sl

London session with 2 positions

watch list today had gbpusd and eurjpy … but was distracted at entry times …so no trade … sux

work on the mental <----

Then took the audusd … but no momentum so SL…

4th Feb

Logging for yesterday… 2 losses

Premature exit and not further reentry cos was out shopping .

not shown… missed the EU GU …woke up late

FML … from more than -5 % down to positive

just now made the hardest 1 pip in my life … at the last day … at 11th hour…

If only i put in such kungfu at the start of the challenge … and not be so lackasidical…

Take a break a while and get the free restart… :relieved: :relieved: :relieved: :relieved: :relieved:

I think it is good to journal your trade because then you can easily find out your mistakes. If you are not able to find your mistakes then how you can improve yourself. Journaling is the best way to gather resources for self improvement.

Hi Lynettegilbert ,

Thanks for stopping by :relaxed:

Trade and weekly levels . Aim for high RRs