Journal of DotaJesus

My forex journal. For my own reference, thanks.

Goal is to grow $1,000 to $1 million.

Reserved post.

First 30 trading days’ goal is to make 20% a day. No gold trades as gold is very volatile and takes up more margin per lot until account is bigger, unless very confident.

Day 1
6 Nov GMT +8.

First trade: Sell AUD/USD, closed for 20 pips, +$259.74. +26%.

Second trade: Sell NZD/USD, closed for 9 pips. Profit of $100. Got stuck in this trade. Took a sell on it before NZD data, FOMO-ed and got stuck. For some reason, while other XXX/USD pairs made downwards moves, NZD/USD remained strong. Counterpart AUD/USD did not show the same strength. NZD was one of the strongest currency, so I decided to TP off 9 pips.

Day 1 end: $1,373.


Day 2 target, next Monday is $275.

I landed here by chance. I hope you are having a good time trading forex.

Good for you. Hope it helps in your trade.