Journal of my half-automated scalping system. Let's see how it performs in the future

Hello everyone.

Decided to post a journal of my half-automated scalping system, fully launched on 02.12.2019

It’s quite early to tell, but the start is very good.

The strategy doesn’t use martingale, averaging, locking or any type of dangerous methods.
Stop Loss is always used.

Will keep this journal updated. [Removed for Forums policy violation]

Let’s see how it performs in the future. :cool:

No trades today

Overall result from full launch of the system on 02.12.19
Gain +47,73% (14,58% monthly)
Drawdown 4,31%

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Are you running this on a live account? Can you share the the trading methodology or strategy?


Yes, this is run on a live account, which you can see if you click on the monitoring widget in the first post.

Regarding trading strategy, the system uses several EAs with human supervision to scalp the market during times of low volatility.

No trades today as well.
The system doesn’t have to trade if there are no good market conditions.

Overall result from full launch of the system on 02.12.19
Gain +47,73% (14,58% monthly)
Drawdown 4,31%

There are no trades now. It’s true.

These markets are crazy, we are avoiding big loses by not trading.

Coronavirus + Oil + Volatile Markets.

Let’s see when we can resume.

Thank you for staying with us.

Today, the cryptocurrency market has fallen by more than 30%

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain is a very promising industry, but are extremely risky due to their infancy at present times.

Sell off of the riskiest assets can be a sign of further liquidations of risky assets.

Stocks might be next.

All the gains of the US Stock Market over 13 months were erased in just the last 23 days.

Our trading system might perform worse under these conditions of high volatility but will still show a positive dynamic.

Coronavirus is not so terrible in itself, but by the reaction, it has caused in the entire globalized world.

Panic, quarantines, prohibitions on mass gatherings, closing of borders and communication lines, cancellation of events…

All this can serve as a trigger for the world crisis.

Structural problems of the global financial system that were exposed in 2008 have only gotten worse.

-0.29% for today. :small_red_triangle_down:

The transactions are not always the same on all accounts, some accounts may have deviations from -5% to + 2%

Even on the same broker and on the same server, you can have discrepancies in profitability for a single month from +3 to -3%, but over time, everything is smoothed out and the result is not much different when after six months, a year or more.

Let’s hope for a near cooling off in volatility for at least a couple of days.

The whole world is shutting down on quarantine!

+0,71% for today :white_check_mark:

USA coronavirus lethal cases rose to more than 500.
The largest economy goes on a partial shutdown. It’s no better in Europe
Central Banks are starting to offer unlimited purchases of assets and monetization of debt. Printing money in essence.NZ69Yn1S1t

+ 0.91% for yesterday :white_check_mark:
+ 2.41% for the week :white_check_mark:

A good result, especially considering the current market conditions.
We will leave the system in a low-risk mode and wait out this whole situation.

P.S. There is evidence that COVID-19 can be much less deadly than previously thought. The death rate may even be below 1%.d
These assumptions can be confirmed or refuted only after the beginning of extensive testing.
It may turn out that many people have already had the virus and recovered from it.


+6,25% for the week :white_check_mark:

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