Julian Assange finally arrested

Julian Assange has finally been arrested and evicted from the Ecuadorian embassy after seven years of staying there. That is when the Ecuadorians decided they had enough and invited UK police into the embassy to arrest him and send him away.
But what makes me wonder, is why did he just stay there? Why did he just not sneak out and head for the airport or something? Even if the UK police were all these years patiently waiting for him outside his door, he could have possibly sneaked out in disguise. Was he really trapped in there with no possible way out?

Interesting question @sprotz - Personally I suggest that that particular embassy would have had at least 4 permanent USA surveillance staff surrounding it 24 hours a day - with “Pick up” personnel and vehicles on permanent call out within a few yards.

The fact is that you and I (for daring to speak of such matters) are now in an NSA database of “Watch these” just for our interchange on this site. Secrecy and subversion dominate “Ministry of truth” :wink:

But J A - for providing a resource where people could actually tell the truth is unliikely to see the light of day for many many years !

An individual’s right to life in this world is measured in regard to the amount he (I would have put the “s” in - if I was lesser man ! ) is prepared to take a moral stance !

I too believe that the internet is being monitored to some extent, as for Assange, how did he get there in the first place? Not a smart move as he would be trapped like a rat in the end. Not like I’m trying to take sides here, but there are much cleverer, sneakier criminals out there, take Edward Snowden for one.

I think the point is that Assange just told the truth - I don’t think he felt he needed to access non - truth solutions - when what he said was TRUE !

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Whatever Assange did, there are good reasons on the face of it why he should face trials in both Sweden and the US. There are no grounds for the UK to appoint itself judge and jury on behalf of other allied and friendly countries. He needs to stand trial and whether he’s acquitted or convicted, so be it.


I just tripped over this ;

There should be a certain shame in that for the UK!

What do you mean by Ecuadorians had enough ? Isn’t they covered him for that 7 years in the first place. Or somebody except them really knows he was there and they were under some pressure ? It’s that what you mean, correct ? We do not know the whole story and nobody knows.

The UK Home Secretary has ruled that Assange can be extradited to the US to face trial.

I’m slightly surprised the US want to press on with this and have all their government’s dirty laundry hung out in court. Assange’s lawyers are bound to plead either in defence or mitigation that Assange was acting in the public interest by exposing US government actions which were themselves unlawful.

However, it seems he obtained and published US classified information without legal permission so there is a case to answer. We’re allies with the US and there’s no reason to not allow him to be extradite. Goodbye Julian.


Still a sad state of affairs.
The deep state will make an example of him