Jury finds men guilty of murdering Ahmaud Arbery

A Georgia jury decided Wednesday to convict the three white men accused of murdering 25-year-old Ahmaud Arbery, an unarmed Black jogger.

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There are two very different aspects to the case.

  1. the immediate incident - 3 dimwits with good intentions get into a fight with an unstable petty criminal who had been seen to act suspiciously in the area. The fact that Arbery’s assailants carried weapons is neither surprising nor evidence of malice but stupidly raised the stakes to almost guarantee a lethal outcome for someone.

  2. the response of the local police and legal services appears weakly led and inadequate. Maybe a more energetic response could even have ensured the matter was dealt with on lesser charges than “malice murder”. But someone would still have been convicted of unlawfully causing death.

the problem here was approaching somebody you thought committed a crime they didn’t see

the media makes it a big deal, i told you the media have a lot of control over people minds