Just a Kudo's mostly

Didn’t see a section for newcomers to introduce themselves.
May not be really necessary, just surprising, like the message here where all the posts came up with the newest post first.
It is rather disconcerting when one isn’t used to it.
I’ve ran several forums so was aware it could be changed in the CP.
I just want to offer some Kudo’s to those responsible for all of this.
I’ve been searching for well over a month for any place that offers decent learning material like the School of Pipsology found here and the sections that go into a bit of detail on strategies.
I would suggest that a sticky or section itself be set up to kind of explain how MetaTrader works ie, it took me a coons age to figure out how to actually order a trade on a demo account and I’m not positive I got it right now.
The help tab should make it clear to anyone using it, but trust me, to a 54 year old redneck, it leaves a bit to be desired along with the folks who man the live chat that only speak broken English.