Just an introduction

Good day all,

Been viewing this site for some time, lost it for a year, and now found it again. I am a pure day trader, longest trade i might have per day is a few hours when i entered too soon. I do not use charts rather than the day chart and ticker to see low and high of the day.
Do not have a clue where market wants to go every day, do not listen to news and surely do not do other ones trades, because it affects profit. Best trade is trade you come up for your self.
I might show a few trades per week, if it does not interfer, cause i trade in seconds…
Good luck all, will try to see if there are traders out there who are doing the things i do.
Purk Purkson

THINK FX - 1.pdf (478 KB)

Just to get the ball rolling… Here is my trade of the day!

Najeeb that is almost 400% in 12 hours with a gazillion trades and no losses.

Are you just an intense individual? Do you actually do that everyday? I can guess, “no”. Maybe you can share how you do it.

Whatever it is, it’s cheating somewhere.

Max leverage with Think Forex is 200:1

There is over two hundred trades open at one time according to those numbers.

I don’t care what the leverage is, you can’t have that many minis open at once with a 3k account.

Not gonna happen.

So, moral of the story, don’t believe everything you see…

I know. I just wanted to hear his input.

lol Just in case he’s right, I think I’ll throw some money in a seprated account and run me up some easy money.
It kind of reminds you of 200 --200,000 deal.