Just graduated!

I just finished the school. I thought the school was awesome when I was going through it. After I finished I started reading some of the post here in the newbie forum and man I am blown away with how effective the school was for me. I can tell by the post if the person did the school or not. Some of the questions are so obvious to me.

Specifically, the ones concerning entering a trade, indicators etc. I have absolutly no trading experience of any kind but I feel like I can answer some of these beginner questions. I have an account open at Forex.com with money in it to give me the unlimited demo but I haven’t placed a trade as of yet.

I would like to start following some of the trading systems of the traders in here but I can’t understand them yet. Do some of you think you could post some trading systems with babypip school level readers in mind?

You are right about some people skipping the school and just asking questions because the school did a great job with the material. The again some people just aren’t good at learning from books and need to be shown.

Elang has a decent simple system on this site that uses standard indicators that all charting software contains. (SMA & EMA Moving averages, RSI, Stoch & MACD Histogram)


Congratulations on graduating! I’m glad that you actually took the time to invest in your education before jumping into the market. Yes, Elang has a good system that you can give you a start with developing a trading system. Demo trade it for at least 2-3 months before going live with it.

I will also be starting a blog that will be for people just like you, who have graduated from the School but need a little direction as to where to go next.

Again, I commend you for taking the time to learn. Remember, this is just the beginning of your journey and you must keep on learning everyday. Best wishes on your trading career!


Congrats on graduating.:slight_smile: i just graduated too but i have alot of experience in trading already. but be patient. even though you are ready to start trading you are still, and will always be, in the learning phase. experience is your next lesson lto earn from so get lots of it before you trading your own money. good luck