Just Started School of Pipsology and exited!

Hello gang! Name’s Myler and here to Learn, Grow and hopefully make some money along the way.

I actually came here to learn about Forex trading, but saw a Cryptocurrency tab and now leaning towards that.

May I ask, how much investment one needs to start in these fields?


Well, try practising on a demo account and you will find out.

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Investment totally depends on what you can afford to lose mate - ask yourself this and don’t put more in!

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Welcome to the community, Myler. What made you interested in cryptocurrencies more than fx?

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Thank you, but the thing is I’ve seen in many places, Don’t compare Demo with real, when it comes to virtual money your mindset is different and with real money it’s not the same. So it’s confusing.

People continue to say that about investments. “Afford to lose” I honestly don’t think other than people with net worth over million dollars can ever “Afford to lose” anything they have, It’ll impact them in someway. :roll_eyes: ,

Thank You!

Less volatility compared to the crypto market, Yes, the bigger the risk, bigger the rewards, Sometimes crypto gives unbelievable gains, also losses.

Checking at the changes happened specially in the last few weeks, right now the unpredictability is too high.

But I am learning about it, Babypips Crypto school came out just in time, that’s an awesome guide, So for now I’m learning about Crypto too. but not much involved yet.

And Also I know it’s different for everyone, but If you guys could mention how much you start off with, to just get an idea about a range? I’d be grateful

Thank you everyone for the amazing inputs.

I’ve found that trading a minimum $2k account is a good guide as 1% risk exposure is $20, which is enough to buy me lunch on winning days. My rule is no more than 5% of different open trades at any time.

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Welcome to the community!
Love the enthusiasm by the way. I invest in forex and crypto, I’d definitely recommend looking into both. Also, some brokers let you start with around $10, it isn’t much and you’ll wind up depositing more soon after, but pretty much anything can be a starting point, so I’d say start with what you’ve got and work your way up from there.

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