Justforex Announcements

Hi, dear forumers!

My name is Markus and I am a representative of JustForex company. I will post all significant news and updates in company’s services in this thread. Also I will be glad to answer any questions concerning our services, trading terms and partner programs.

I will greatly appreciate your questions and your interest.

Kind regards

Dear forumers!

I would like to notify you that our trading schedule will be changed due to New Year holiday:

31 December 2015 - Trading Closes at 18:00 GMT+2
1 January 2016 - Trading Closed
4 January 2016 - Normal Trading Hours

Please, take into consideration that the liquidity on both FX instruments and Precious metals will reduce during this period and it will cause the increase spreads.

Happy New Year!

Hello, are you planning to organize more promotions and give more bonuses? I like promotions and competitions because I’m trading not for profit, but just for fun – it’s my hobby! Thank you!

Dear Mike18! Thank you for the question. At the moment we provide margin deposit bonus up to 100% for those traders who deposit at least 100 usd. We also regularly run no deposit promotions, the last one finished on the 9th December. From time to time we hold forex contests and draws. You can familiarize with valid and finished promotions on our website. We wish you to succeed in your hobby!

Hello, is it allowed to trade with robots there? If yes, do you have any restrictions for that, or do I have to open a special account?

Could you tell me please, if you have any cryptocurrencies in assets? I’ve just started trading with you and still trying to understand everything.

Dear Edmund85, sorry for the late answer. We don’t have any restrictions on autotrading. You can use robots and EAs on all account types.

Dear jonons! You can trade cryptocurrencies on our BitCoin accounts, we provide trading in bitcoins and litecoins. Just register and open BitCoin account to test trading in cryptocurrencies.

I really like trading with your company, but it would be nice to have some investment opportunities as well. Do you have any plans of development in this field?

Dear Wonel! Thank you for your interest and sorry for the late answer - we did not get the notification of new post in our thread :frowning:

We have really great development plans and we are implementing them step by step. At the moment we are working on PAMM accounts to give new earning opportunities to our clients. We hope that we will launch them in the nearest future.

Thank you for such a detailed answer) I’ll open this type of account and try trading with cryptocurrencies. Wish me good luck)

I still haven’t received any answer to my question concerning investing…(

Dear Wonel! Please, read the answer posted on 7th April. If you have not received it I will repeat my answer: JustForex will be glad to introduce pamm-accounts in the nearest future. We are working hard at this issue and hope for fast implementation. But we cannot announce the accurate date yet. Follow our news to stay updated. thank you for your interest.

I’ve received your answer about investing. I’m really happy to hear that you work in this direction. I hope that you’ll introduce such an opportunity as soon as possible, and the conditions will be nice)

Dear hscott! Thank you for your question and sorry for the late answer. Spread is floating on all types of our accounts - Classic, NDD and ECN. Typical spreads can be found in the “Contract Specifications” section.

:53:Nice, very nice.

I wanna clarify for myself: is the broker planning any promotions or interesting offers for traders?

That’s pretty impressive for sure, but how did you know that exactly the buying order was the right decision?

Dear Edmund85! Thank you for your question! Recently we have launched a new “Hot deposit bonus”. It is valid till July 31 inclusively and you can still get this bonus. According to its terms, you choose the preferred size of the bonus (10%, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%) on every deposit from 100 USD and more. The detailed description of the summer bonus can be found here. We also regularly hold forex contests and promotions, run Welcome bonuses. Follow our news to stay updated.

The bonus is interesting, but I’m not sure that I understand it correctly. Can you make withdrawals with unfinished bonus? And so did I not lose my bonus?